18 Months: Lots of Tears

Good Afternoon 🙂

Mar24 Yoga
As my mom just put it in her last email, it has been a roller coaster of emotions this past week. I think I have already said that transfers was the hardest part of my mission; correction: going home is the hardest part of a mission.
Mar24 Peace
It’s been a long week of goodbyes and realizing that I am about to be done with the best job in the whole world. That I will no longer be able to go into these houses anymore and have people open up about their problems and I won’t be able to share with them about the amazing Plan of our Heavenly Father and on and on and on.
Mar24 Family
Mar24 Gang
Yesterday our stake president surprised me and sacrament meeting had  me give a talk and then in MCM they had me bear my testimony, and then they had a farewell devotional for me and made me bear my testimony again…i think they all just enjoy seeing me cry in front of lots of people. waray klaro.
Mar24 Group
Mar24 child
I shared how Heavenly Father has been so good to me and blessed me with the gift of charity since I have been praying for it everyday since I opened my mission call and how I love them all and this is my home now and how I wish I could solve all their problems for them and take away the hurt and the sadness but that even though I can’t, Jesus Christ can.
Mar24 kids
I told them how they are all much stronger than me and how if i were in their shoes I don’t think I could endure and handle the trials that they are faced with.
Mar24 treat
I love this place. I can’t say enough how much I love this work, these people, and Heavenly Father’s gospel. I will email once more next week I think.
Mar24 girls
Mar24 Gang
I love you and don’t get me wrong; I am excited to see you all back in America 🙂
Mar24 marsh
Sister Prudencio
Mar24 Sister
Mar24 Duo
Mar24 Sisters
Mar24 Tree

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