Week 78: Celebrating 23 Years of Life in the Philippines

mar5 sierra

Okay – not that I’ve lived for 23 years in the Philippines. But I’ve lived for 23 years and I am celebrating in the Philippines.

mar5 laugh

People were so good to me on my 23 birthday this week. I love them and all of you of course. Thank you for the birthday wishes!!
mar5 balloon
It started off on Tuesday we went to a nicer restaurant(me and the Sisters that I live with) And even though they don’t usually do it, the crew there sang happy birthday and gave me a little leche flan with a candle. It was really sweet.
Mar5 Bday Dinner
Then on my birthday(Thursday – March 2). Everything was just like any other day in the morning, I woke up and got ready and we went out to work and I was okay with it. Then we got home around noon from work and I thought Sister Osma and I were the first ones home since the door was closed but on the door was a lollipop with a note…
mar5 gifts
and when I opened the door they (my roommates) started singing happy birthday and they surprised me with a banner they made, cake, ice cream, my favorite meal,…
mar5 party
AND they sent me on a scavenger hunt around the house with those lollipops and notes to my present 🙂
mar5 names
I was not expecting it at all and I am so blessed that they are my roommates because they made my birthday special.
mar5 cake
Thursday night we went back to brother Ian’s or the Gonzales families’ house and got some more silot and Ian baked me a cake and everyone got me a present or made me a cool card
mar5 gitbags
and we had coconut shakes and dinner and an FHE. The ward is so sweet to me and made my 23rd birthday one that I will not forgot.
mar5 dinner
mar5 partycrew
When I got home that night, we had a sleepover on the rooftop 🙂
mar5 companions
All the stars were out and the temperature was perfect and we ate snacks and talked and played games.
Mar5 hats
You can be assured that my 23rd was a success 🙂
mar5 church
Brother Jose Palacio has had a change of heart and wants to get baptized and is coming to church now!! Jose is Jessa’s husband. We visited them the other night and Jessa said that she came home crying because her work was too demanding and she couldn’t be there for her kids and she is never home when we go to visit so she quit her job and Brother said “I realize that I am the one that needs to change and is getting in the way of blessings coming to him(like a job) so he is always excited when we come and he doesn’t hide anymore and they all came to church on Sunday 🙂 Sister Osma and I were so happy. Even though I won’t be her anymore to see him be baptized, I am thrilled for them to be able to go to the temple in a little over a year and be sealed as a family and hopefully I can attend that.
mar5 relay
Sister Beverly Balais is 16 years old and we have been teaching her for a few months now. Her older sister is a member and that is how we started teaching Beverly. She is amazing and even though she only went to school til grade 3, she is smart and is excited to be baptized next week. Last week we asked why she wants to be baptized and she said because the LDS church is better than the rest of the others and when we asked why, she said just the other ones are no good. She also has born her testimony to us multiple times that she knows this is the true church and she is excited to serve a mission in a few years 🙂 We are excited for her baptism on Saturday.
I love you all. Stay happy and choose the right.
Sister Prudencio
mar5 meadowmar5 forestmar5 trees

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