I am so happy so I hope you are all happy as well.
Samuel Barrantes Sr and Jr were baptized on Saturday and it was a beautiful service 🙂
Samuel Sr. bore his testimony about how when we first found him and started to teach him he didn’t understand why he needed to join a church or why we were saying that this is the true church but now he understands and he knows that he was baptized and is now a member of the only true church.
He talked about how he is grateful to be a part of the family and that his son could also be baptized and he will do everything that he can to make sure that they both continue to learn everything they need to know. As we sang”Do What is RIght”(one of his favorite hymns) in Waray Waray, he cried the whole time. I am so excited to see what Heavenly Father will do with him in strengthening the church here in the Philippines.
When we went to visit him after, he got worried and said but of course I don’t know everything yet because I am just new and we assured him that we were not going to stop visiting him but continue to visit him so we can learn from him and be strengthened by him as well. I love Sam Squared 🙂
After the baptism we had a celebration with the ward missionaries and we ate SILOT
It is that green thing and I don’t know what it is called in English.
I think it is an unripened coconut..i am not sure. But it is delicious and brother Jason got them for us.
We had to walk through muddy rice fields in rain boots and our church clothes. It was a lot of fun. Next week they are teaching me how to climb the coconut tree s:)
Which brings me to this morning where I climbed a mini coconut tree..not to the top.The Sisters that I live with and I went to a park by the big stadium here in Tacloban to watch the sunrise.
We did not get up early enough though so we saw the sun after it had risen..but it was still beautiful 🙂
Also on Sunday, the three sisters (investigators)
that I have a picture with and their babies all came to church:) We teach them twice a week and this was the first time they have been able to come to church since 2013. They loved it and said they are excited to come to church next week.
Sorry I have lots of pictures this week but not a lot of words. Pictures speak 1000 words. so thats over a million words..i think.
I miss you all and hope that you are all finding the joy that this life has to offer!!
Sister Prudencio

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