Month 17: Brother Gamay and KIDS


I hope you all have lots of plans for hearts day. Sending all the hearts I can for all those without a forever yet. Jokes.
First off, 15 people that i love that aren’t yet members were able to come to church yesterday and it made our week 🙂
ALSO the Palacio family will be baptized next week, and hopefully the father will be baptized next month. He still has preparation he needs to do. WE ARE SO EXCITED FOR THEIR BAPTISM 🙂
It was Sister Joan’s birthday this week and so Sister Osma and I bought a cake and presents for her and we had a simple birthday party. She works with us almost every day and is now one of our best friends here in San Juanico ward.
Now I would love to introduce Brother Gamay. His real name is Jason but his nickname is “gamay” which means small in Cebuano.
He is so unique and my new favorite person. We met him last week because he is working with some members and Brother Samuel. He came to church the next day with them and was…different. We found out that he has never been to school, not even kindergarten so he doesn’t know how to read, write, count, anything. He is 20 yrs old and we asked him what he does all day and he said he just sits around the house. We told him his life is boring and we would help him to have a more fun life and to read and write and count. He came to Joan’s birthday party and that is where we found out that he doesn’t know when his birthday is because he has never had a birthday party and no one has ever sang “happy birthday” to him.
His parents just kind of neglected him. He still thinks and acts like a child. So we decided to throw him his first birthday party, at age 20, on Saturday. I have never seen a bigger smile and he is excited to be baptized in March. Brother Jason is an amazing person with an unfortunate story. I love meeting people like him here on the mission and I can’t wait for him to start school next year(he will start from kinder) so that he can learn to read and write and count and can live up to his potential. Right now, the Gonzalez family is helping him to realize his worth as well.
 I have also attached a picture of Sister Jocelyn and her boyfriend. I wrote about her a few weeks ago. She has a crazy story as well. We are working on getting them married so that she can be baptized because she wants her sins to be washed away and start over again.
I LOVE THE PHILIPPINES because I love the people. They are my favorite part hands down about this mission. Everyone keeps telling me I am close to going home but it isn’t true. I am close to leaving home. This place is home now. All of you who haven’t gotten your call yet, pray to go to the Philippines.
I know that this is the true church. I know the Book of Mormon changes lives. Read it.
LOVE LOVE LOVE (kay valentines day now)

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