Week 73: Apples & Miracles

Hello 🙂


I know there are so many of my emails titled with the word “miracles” but it is because so many miracles happen every day so I am sorry if I am not being more creative with my subjects 🙂
Sister Apple and Brother Jhay. We had an impromptu FHE on Monday and it was a lot of fun because even though Jhay is 24 now he acts like a child and so it was a lot of fun to play games with them on Monday. We have been visiting them for almost 3 months now but we had been unable to commit them to baptism and Jhay had never been to church before. So when we went back on Friday, we felt it time to be bold with them since they know now how much we love them now. So we asked them why they think that we always come and visit them every week and we want them to go to church so bad. They explained it was to counsel them and share scriptures with them that will help their lives and so they can get close to Christ.
We shared a scripture about baptism where Jesus Christ invites us to follow Him. We then were able to commit them to a baptismal date in March, after explaining that because we love them we want them to go to the Celestial Kingdom with us so we can play games together there too and they can live together as a family forever. THEN they CAME TO CHURCH yesterday 🙂 We were thrilled to see all three of them there and Jhay was so happy as well to be there. Then just earlier we went “jogging” with Sister Apple at 4:30 AM and later we have an FHE at their house. They are amazing 🙂
Heavenly Father led us to so many people this week ready to receive the gospel. We also used our love for children and their love for Americans to our advantage and a lot of them sat in in some of our lessons(one with Brother Wilson whom Heavenly Father led us to last week) and so after we had them lead us to their home and we taught their FAMILY 🙂 They all seem so interested and excited for us to go back. Brother Wilson came to church with his kids on Sunday!
Sister Demalyn, who we started teaching a month ago, started reading the Book of Mormon and at first she couldn’t really understand when we first started but she got to chapter 8 in first Nephi and explained the entire thing like she had seen a movie! She was so excited about it and said she didn’t want to put it down. She said that praying before she reads really helps.
The Palacio family is still really great 🙂 They are goaling for baptism in a few weeks and Sister shared another story where the Book of Mormon answered her prayers.
Brother Samuel we found a few months ago and I think I already talked about him, how he came the Sunday after has been struggling for the past few weeks but we visited him on Wednesday and he was a little more excited about his baptism but still unsure about the church and going to church we shared about seeking first the kingdom of God. When we went back on Saturday he was waiting for us and had already prepared his things to go to church on Sunday and he is so different now. The Spirit changed his heart and now he is committed to his baptism in February.
On Sunday, 14 INVESTIGATORS came to church which was a MIRACLE. The Lord is really preparing hearts here in San Juanico and I am so blessed to be a part of it.
I love the mission and I love all of you.
Sister Prudencio

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