Week 72: Nilo Codilan and Crazy Stories

HELLO Baymax,

My anak’s (companions) favorite is Baymax so he has become one of my favorites too, even before pa. 


WE HAD A FANTASTIC WEEK. Brother Nilo Codilan, after meeting the missionaries 6 years ago, has finally entered the gates to eternal life through BAPTISM.

Baptism Day

I have said this before but one of my favorite parts of the mission is hearing the testimonies at baptisms, Brother Nilo’s testimony was no exception. It made me cry and he was so grateful for us and that he was finally able to be baptized. He said he felt so light and different and like all of his problems and past worries have been erased.


His wife also cried as he bore his testimony since she has been a member since she was a kid and now her husband is and they can be sealed for eternity in a year! I love the Codilan family and they are the ones that I send pictures home every week with them and they have a bright green wall.


They always love having us come over and they are like my family now so yeah. That is why I am ecstatic that they Brother got baptized. He has also struggled stopping smoking for his whole life but he has completely stopped now with the Lord’s help and lots of prayers!! 🙂 


Also the Palacio family is the most ready family to receive the gospel that I have met on my whole mission. Sister is already reading in Alma and introducing her family to the Gospel. We taught them twice this week. The first time, we went with the Bishopric to fellowship brother and we taught about the temple and eternal marriage. The brothers in the bishopric shared their experiences with being sealed and the Spirit was so strong. Brother Jose Palacio was still unsure at this point(on Tuesday) and feeling discouraged about his vices. We returned on Friday night and Brother’s countenance had changed. We shared seeking first the kingdom of God and not needing to worry about the other temporal things because Heavenly Father knows what we need. They then shared that they both were out of work and that scripture in 3 Nephi was an answer to their prayers. Brother shared to us that before he didn’t really believe in God or that he could change but now he believes and is excited to repent and change and join the church. Sister said that she knows if they continue to read and pray and church that Heavenly Father will provide for them. On Saturday, Sister got a JOB! And they came to church:) I love them and they have so much faith to make anything happen. 


We had an FHE with Sister Apple and the Repollo family(members). We were really able to bond with Sister Apple this week and she opened up to us about her family and how they haven’t really cared for or supported her and she has felt like nothing most of her life. She came to a baptism with us and was able to see how it works and she came to church again on Sunday 🙂


We met a part member sister named Jocelyn(23 years old) on Saturday and we became friends instantly and she came again to church on Sunday with her less active “boyfriend”. We went and visited her after church and ended up being there for 2 hours listening to her life story. Her story could be made into a crazy movie. I will, of course, not tell everything that she shared but basically she almost died twice and both times she heard something tell her to stay here and continue living because there was still things she needed to do. Eventually she was led to Brother Etong(her “boyfriend”) who took her in and fed her and gave her a place to sleep while she was 5 months pregnant when she arrived at his doorstep. She told us that when she went to church at Catholic she didn’t feel anything and was confused when she left but when she went to church for the first time yesterday she could really feel God’s love and presence and she knows that the “Mormons” is the true church and asked when she could be baptized. Her life has been anything but pleasant but we assured her that everything she has gone through, especially the Holy Ghost whispering to her twice when she was close to losing her life, has brought her to this point and she has finally found the truth and the thing that will give her happiness she has not yet felt and could never imagine. 


I love this calling and this gospel. I love the people that I have met and realizing that the trials that I have gone through in my life up to this point are nothing compared to their trials. I love that happiness and joy can be found and felt always if we remember our purpose and the things that we have been given by a Loving Heavenly Father. I love you all and the role that you have all played in my life. Continue to find joy in everything.



 Sister Prudencio     




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