Month 16: Puppets in the Philippines

HAPPY 16 MONTH MARK since I have been out on the mission. 🙂

It has gone way too fast and I wish I had another 16 years here but this week has been amazing and Sister Osma and I continue to see miracles and Heavenly Father guiding us wherever we go.
The other day Sister Osma held up her hands like a puppet master and said “I feel like this is how Heavenly Father is with us and He is just leading us to exactly where he needs us. So many times this week our investigators said “timing ine Sisters” or this is perfect timing basically because that was the only time of the day they were hope that whole week or they had just finished completing a project. We have so miracles in simply just being where Heavenly Father lead us to so that we weren’t punted and we were able to find new investigators who are ready to hear and accept the message of the Restoration. I love the Holy Ghost and it’s role as our guide in life, we just need to be sensitive to listen to the promptings and then have the faith to follow those promptings.
The Palacio family is reading every single day and Sister is already in Enos! They are now preparing to be baptized on February 11! 🙂 they came to church again yesterday.
Brother Codilan is getting baptized this Saturday!!! 🙂 we are so excited for him and so is he so that he can join his family and take them to the temple!
I love this mission and these people. I also love all of you and pray for you all constantly.
Sister Prudenciojan16-trees

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