Week 70: Palacio Family and San Juanico Bridge

Hello 🙂

Sorry there are so many pictures from the San Juanico Bridge. I should probably come up with a spiritual analogy for bridges but I can’t think of one right now so next week na la.
There were so many miracles but I would love to focus on the Palacio Family. Probably one of the most amazing “experiences” that I have had on the mission thus far.
So Sister Jessa is the one I emailed about a few weeks ago when we shared the Light the World and she said it was the last sign she needed to know that this was the true church. We visited her on Wednesday night and her husband(who hides from the missionaries and has never listened to a discussion) was just in the other room as we shared about the Book of Mormon. She used to read it but she hasn’t for awhile so the Spirit prompted me to share a personal experience that I haven’t shared before in the mission and how after praying for a long time to help me to get over the trial, I opened my scriptures to a random page and the first verse that I read was Mosiah 24:16. And how Heavenly Father answered my prayers with a single verse telling me that I need not to worry because everything will get better eventually. Sister Osma then shared an experience that she had and the verse that helped comfort her in her biggest time of need. We committed her to start reading the Book of Mormon again.
We went back on Saturday night and she was waiting for us with her Book of Mormon open. She was so excited to share the experience that she had on Thursday after we left. She had some people tell her that their church was true after we left Wednesday night so that night she prayed really hard she said to know what she should do and if the Mormon church was actually the true church. She woke up the next morning and immediately opened the Book of Mormon to 2 Nephi 31:13-15. She said that was Heavenly Father’s answer to her prayers that she needs to be baptized in the Mormon church and that this is the true church. Her kids on Friday asked where they were gonna go to church and Sister Jessa said Mormon. We go to church at the Mormons now. Brother then joined the lesson and told us that HE READ THE BOOK OF MORMON!! And he felt really good when we read it. They have 5 kids and they all committed to go to church Sunday.
Sunday morning it rained. When it rains here, it is hard for people to get transportation and to go to church. But Sunday morning for personal study I studied Ether 12 about faith and miracles and we fasted for them as well. It was 9:15 and church had already started but we had faith that they would come and at 9:16 all seven of them walked into the sacrament room and we were sooo happy. They didn’t only come to church but  they participated and listened and stayed all 3 hours!! They are so prepared for this gospel and I am so grateful the Heavenly Father answered their prayers and softened Brothers heart that he came to church and is reading from the Book of Mormon as well.
I love this work and I love this gospel. Prayer is real and the perfect way to ask our Heavenly Father anything but if you want an answer, open the Book of Mormon and He will answer you.
Sister Prudencio

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