Week 68: Food

I have only one word in my subject line because that explains my week.

MERRY CHRISTMAS again and I hope you all had a wonderful time 🙂 I just got to skype my family and it was the best present ever 🙂 I love them and am excited to see them and you all in 3 months!
I have attached A LOT of pictures and they are all of families in San Juanico area that I love so much and that were so kind to us and we had so many dinner and lunch appointments this week, so you won’t need to wonder why I look fatter in my pictures 😉 haha
We had a Mission Christmas Conference
and a Ward Christmas party this week which was also full of FOOD.
My companions this week were Sister Fallejo and Sister Takanoi.
They are both amazing missionaries. With Sister Fallejo we saw miracles…we didn’t know where we were going to eat dinner because there were no food places in the area we were but we couldn’t go home because we were too far and we still had an appointment in that area. So we started to tract and we were OYMing a Nanay trying to teach her and instead she says. Okay let’s eat. We though we heard her wrong, but she said it again and invited us into her home to eat and so our prayers were answered and even though it was so simple it really shows how Heavenly Father provides for us if we do His work and are diligent in finding scattered Israel. We also taught a lady that hasn’t been taught in a long time and we taught about light the world and she said she had just been reading about Jesus Christ and the light. She said that she keeps asking God to show her where the true church is and He keeps showing her, but she hasn’t been listening. She said that it was another sign that we talked about what she had just read and she knows now that this is the true church.
…and with Sister Takanoi we ate really gross food and laughed the whole day.
I don’t have a lot to say; I will say more next week except that I love people here and they are so kind and giving even when they don’t have a lot for themselves. I thought I would also share a few Philippines Christmas Tradition I learned this year:
1. They stay up until midnight on Christmas Eve and eat dinner and open all their presents. 
2. Christmas Morning is actually their Halloween and they go around to houses with big bags saying “Pasko” or “Christmas” and are given lots of candy. 
3. They have food all day long and whoever comes to their house, they feed. 
4. Every neighborhood or street has a big Christmas party with gift exchanges. 
I will continue some of these traditions next year 🙂 I added American traditions and the Christmas Eve when my roommates were asleep, I set up the tiniest Christmas tree and wrapped presents so that when they came down stairs it was like Santa had come 🙂 and we ate cookies and drank milk for Santa 🙂
I love this season and I love you all so much!!
Sister Prudencio
PS – I FORGOT TO TELL YOU ALL THE BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT I RECEIVED!! THE ADINA FAMILY FROM CATBALOGAN GOT BAPTIZED 🙂 And the missionaries there said that they talked about me in their testimonies. For those of you that don’t remember who this is it is the family that Sister Healey and I found and started to teach and they came to church every single Sunday and Brother said weird things in Sunday School. Anyways. I am so happy that they are finally baptized and they are preparing to go to the temple 🙂 

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