Week 65: Pneumonia and Inspirational Sisters

Maupay na kulop:)

I love how Heavenly Father works in our lives. Always unexpected but exactly what is needed.
I have had a cold and cough for about a month now but I just thought it was normal until I started getting a pain in my side. On Tuesday I got x rays at the hospital and they told me that I have pneumonia.
It is okay now, I am better now and recovering quickly thanks to great advice(demands) from a loving Mission President and his wife (because of frantic emails to them from my mom). I had to bargain with them when they found out I had pneumonia so that I could still work. It was at first a whole week that  they said I couldn’t work, but after some tears and pleading on my part, they made me promise that I would stay in the house for 3 days. I told them I would die if I stayed inside for 3 days, not from pneumonia, but I lived after all, haha. So we had to postpone some of our exchanges and one day that we couldn’t go, I just talked to the Sisters while lying in my bed for the whole day…I know none of this sounds good yet BUT. I will tell you what happened and what I learned because of the days that I was stuck inside.
On Tuesday we had exchanges with Sister Estores (xmas tree in the background). She is so sweet she just tagged along with me to the hospital and pharmacy back and fourth a few times but I promised her that we would get to teach one lesson together so we did and I know there are no such things as perfect lessons but this one was pretty close. The Spirit was so strong and they understood the message of the Restoration so well. The mom said after how she is like Joseph Smith and how she has experimented a few different churches but she didn’t feel anything and she didn’t understand why there are so many, until our lesson 🙂
One of the Sisters that was just stuck with me inside(I won’t mention her name) recently lost her dad. He died just last week right after she was transferred into a new area. She has not been able to work since because it is hard to leave the house and look at the sky and think about her dad being up there. We talked/cried for 5 hours and she told me even though it is so hard she has not even thought about going home because she knows this is where she needs to be. We talked about the Plan of Salvation and she shared her testimony about it and just in that one talk, my testimony and gratitude for the Plan of Salvation has grown immensely. I shared a talk with her about forgetting ourselves and getting to work and at the end of the exchange she said that her goal is to get lost in the work and make her father proud. She is amazing and helped me to see even more so how important this work is and how incredible the plan of salvation is.
On Saturday we had exchanges with some sisters struggling with obedience and the work. The night before President called us and asked us to prepare a training for MLC  tomorrow to inspire the Zone Leaders. Saturday morning for personal study my mind was blank and I wanted to find a scripture that I could share with this Sister that might help her to see her worth and why obedience is important and at the same time think about how we could present a training to a bunch of boys that would help inspire them. I was panicking as for the first 10 minutes I couldn’t think of anything. I prayed so hard for help to find something or be inspired and then a miracle happened…I turned to Alma 36 and at the same time thought of a talk that might help the Elders. I shared the scripture with this Sister and didn’t know if it really did anything. And then I frantically scribbled down my thoughts for the training and shared them with Sister Fernandez and we are so excited now for our training.
At the end of exchanges, the Sister said that the scripture I shared really helped her and she said she wants to be exactly obedient 🙂 She left me a sweet note after thanking me for helping her remember her worth in the mission. I was so afraid for those exchanges and Heavenly Father came to the rescue 🙂 I love Him.
My pneumonia is getting better now and should be gone in about a week hopefully but I am looking forward to more exchanges and learning more from Sisters. Please pray for me and Sister Fernandez and our training.
ALSO, Danilo and Kier came to church WITH THE WHOLE FAMILY yesterday 🙂 First time in literally forever that their whole family has gone to church. I love this work. They are excited for their baptism December 23 🙂
Sister Prudencio

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