Week 64: Exchanges, Finding, and LIGHT THE WORLD


I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving full of food, football, and family. Mine was full of…not of that haha. But it was still amazing because I am here in the Philippines.
First week full of exchanges was a success! I had so much fun learning from all of the Sisters and finding new investigators with them. Some of our new investigators have SO MUCH potential(a lot of investigators we just found this week came to church yesterday!) and some are just entertaining. We were teaching a lesson after having just met these people and one of the men was very drunk and kept trying to speak English to me, and singing English songs to me, and then randomly he looks at me and says “You are so beautiful. You are like….(kinda long pause) a Christmas tree.” Best compliment I have gotten ever. hahaha. Boys take note..it is a new line to make the chicks melt for you. πŸ˜‰ But in all honesty we found 77 new investigators this week. That is 77 new people that have never heard the gospel before and want us to come back and continue to teach them about the truth. Heavenly Father really led us to those people he has been preparing and the Spirit was strong all week long. Now we will focus on helping them to progress and come even closer to Jesus Christ.
My companions for the week were: Sister De Fiesta(cute Filipina with short hair),
Sister Rex(american and my batch),
Sister Matautia(big polynesian)
and Sister Balucos.
They are all incredible missionaries and we had incredible experiences πŸ™‚
With Sister Rex we were able to find long time less actives miraculously and we know that Heavenly Father was guiding where we walked and the people that we asked. We also taught a new investigator and less active that ended up coming to church yesterday. We taught them about Lighting the World. We shared in 3 nephi 18 and asked how they can make their lights shine brighter and they said going to church πŸ™‚ I know that you all have a bright light of Christ also and just continue to make it brighter πŸ™‚
With Sister Matautia we ended up stuck in a signal 1 typhoon and that is why we are walking through super tall water because there was no way around it.
She is hilarious and she offered to carry me but I couldn’t accept. Also, we were walking to one appointment and there was a grandma smiling so big at us and so Sister Matautia stopped to say hi.
She invited us in and she had just Β that day gotten home from the hospital after 1 month of being in there because she had an injury from 3 years ago. She was so so so happy even though her husband has been dead for 25 years and she has also lost 4 children and her house is still not fixed from super typhoon yolanda. We called her our grandma and she was so committed to come to church but she unfortunately didn’t end up making it.
With Sister Balucos we found a brother that I had given a Book of Mormon to the day before, after going to so many houses without people there. We finally found them after asking SO MANY people. And his wife had just gotten home from the hospital as well, she had a day old baby. They were so receptive and stopped what they were doing to listen and they asked questions and at the end we asked how they felt and Sister said she felt warm and light and she knew that it was not an accident that we arrived at their home just an hour after them getting home from the hospital. We taught Plan of Salvation and it was an incredible lesson πŸ™‚
We also had an FHE with the Codilan Family, the one I emailed about last week, (above) and Brother Danilo came to church again yesterday!! He is committed for his baptism πŸ™‚
I love this area, San Juanico and I can’t wait to meet more people and continue to help the area progress with Sister Fernandez.
I love you all so much and hope you continue to Light the World. I pray for you all every day!!
LOVE…Sister Prudencio

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