Month 14: Brother Danilo, San Juanico and EXCHANGES


I hope you are all healthy and happy. My new companion is Sister Fernandez, she is from the Philippines and she is so sweet and an amazing missionary. We are already super close. We are whitewashing this new area, San Juanico which is close to Tacloban. White washing for those who don’t know (mommy) is when an area gets two new missionaries so we both have no idea who the members, investigators, recent converts are or where our area is. This area is kind of struggling with investigators so we found this week that we are really basically just going to have to start over and find lots of new investigators and bring them closer to Christ. Starting from the bottom…
On top of that, we have been given the responsibility for one cycle only to exchange with every single Sister in the mission including the Sister Training Leaders to help them and train them on finding and progressing investigators…there are 26 companionships of Sisters in Tacloban mission which means that Sister Fernandez and I will do an exchange every single day except for Sunday and Monday this cycle. This means that we will basically have a different companion every day for 6 weeks…we are excited to meet and try to help all of the Sisters but we are also sad that we get so little time together. We are nervous but know that Heavenly Father will help us with this assignment that President Maurer has given us. So don’t be confused if there is a different Sister with me in every picture that I send home haha.
GOOD NEWS 🙂 We were able to visit the only investigator that has a baptismal date in the area on Friday and his name is Brother Danilo. He only has one child that is also not a member yet, but 4 of his children and his wife have all been baptized. He has been an investigator for almost 5 years now and the last time he went to church was over 3 years ago. We taught them on Friday about family and the responsibility of family members. I remembered a talk that I read where a missionary was teaching a similar family and he talked to the dad and told him that he was the only one holding his family back from spending forever together and asked him if he loved his family and wanted them to spend together forever. I tried asking similar questions to Brother Danilo and we expressed the importance of him getting baptized so that they can go to the temple and be sealed for eternity. HE CAME TO CHURCH YESTERDAY 🙂 We were so so so so happy and hopefully he will continue to come to church and make his way through the gates of Heavenly Father’s kingdom.
That is all for this week except that I cried so hard with the Bacatano family as we said our good byes on Friday night. I will miss them so so much and I still have the picture up on my desk. I will send those pictures next time.
I miss everyone, especially my family and I hope that you all remember how important your families are and that you get to be with them forever… 🙂
Sister Prudencio

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