Week 62: Book of Mormon Guy Part 2 and Transfer Day :(

SAD SAD TRANSFER DAY IS HERE AGAIN 😦 After only 3 months in this amazing area, I am transferring again to white wash a new STL area in Tacloban. My district will be the office elders and I am very nervous to go to an area where neither me nor my companion knows anything about the area or the people or anything. And of course I am so sad to leave this area and these people but I am also excited to get to know a new ward.
This week was sooo fun πŸ™‚ Sister Allen and I worked super hard and we got to have a specialized training in Tacloban. They taught us how to cook and budget and stuff like that AND OUR GROUP WON THE TASTE TEST πŸ™‚
We made chopsuey and fried rice and turon. It was delicious so I am not surprised that we won πŸ˜‰ jokes.
BOOK OF MORMON GUY CAME TO CHURCH YESTERDAY! For the first time ever after having two incredible lessons with him this week on the Book of Mormon and The Plan of Salvation. He came to all three hours and participated in all of the classes. We were so happy that he came but we unfortunately did not get a picture 😦
Sorry this email is a little shorter… I have a lot to do with saying goodbyes and packing and cleaning later so I promise it will be longer and more exciting next week!
I love you all and pray for your safety every day!
Continue to read the Book of Mormon and find joy in everything πŸ™‚
Sister Prudencio

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