Month 13: We BOUGHT a Zoo and Walked the Great Wall of Biliran

I know that is the most exciting title of my whole mission so hopefully you are all jazzed to read this 😉

What a crazy and awesome week!! I hope all of you had a crazy awesome week gihap.
To start..okay okay we did not buy a zoo but we went to one..the smallest zoo in the whole world I think and it had a giant lion and tiger and LIGER! No jokes.
We got to touch the tiger and lion and it was way way scary and I didn’t know how giant lions heads were or how pretty tigers’ fur was. But now I know.
I felt like I was in The Life of Pi sitting next to the tiger and talking to it. I knew it understood.
Anyway..way awesome and random experience. There was also a crazy mean monkey that kept trying to jump at us but its tail was on a chain so it just swung back whenever it did.
And one of the snakes wrapped around Elder Polanco’s neck and he was freaking out. NAVAL ZOO for the win.
We had interviews with President this week and we spent most of the time talking about how amazing the mission is and how much we love it here. President Maurer is the bomb. After the interviews he had to go talk to a missionaries mom about financial stuff and she isn’t a member so he asked us to come with him so maybe she could start investigating the church. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into when we agreed.
We started walking and all of a sudden we were walking through rice fields on tiny little paths and yes I accidentally fell in once and then we were on this tiny wall that had steep drop offs on both sides and we had to walk one foot in front of the other and IT WAS INCREDIBLE!
Easily the coolest path I have taken to a house. And President was doing it with us like he does it every day, it wasn’t phasing him at all; he is seriously the best mission president ever.
Sister Allen and I had a good week of teaching and finding. Those families we found in, what used to be the hardest area to teach and find, are now all reading the Book of Mormon and praying and we are so excited for them. We also went the referral of Brother Noel again and it is in the middle of nowhere and so muddy and puddly and on the way back iy was pitch black and it was pouring rain and we didn’t have umbrellas and our feet were literally sinking in the mud we were walking through and it was one of those moments where I remembered “oh yeah I am in the Philippines” but they are also progressing and ready to change their lives and feel happy. We had one day where we were not punted for a single time for 8 lessons in a row and it was AWESOME!
Also Temple Day was Saturday and we showed the presentation I made and we had classes and it was so incredible because a lot of members who are planning to go for the first time came and had so many questions and President was able to help them know how to save to go and with their family history. 🙂
I am sure I have told you all but every week we have been challenged to get 210 OYM or talk to 210 different people that have never heard about the gospel in one week about the gospel and when Saturday ended, Sister Allen and I were still 81 OYM short if 210. Sooo we spent two hours yesterday just finding big groups of people and talking to them about the church and inviting them to church. The last OYM we got, was just one guy and we ended up sitting and talking for awhile(even though we were in a rush) just building a relationship of trust because he was friendly and we both liked the spirit he had. After talking to him about random things like horoscopes and english and fish, he told us that he liked our style of missionary work because he has experienced a lot of times he said where missionaries will come up to him and the first thing they say is “can we come in and share” and he says no every time because he doesn’t know who they are and they haven’t developed a relationship yet. He kept saying that he appreciates that we got to know him first and we could build that trust first and then he invited us back to his house so we can share with his wife and 7 children and he is excited for us to come back. We then found out that he is the brother of two of our favorite families in Biliran and we were so happy that we took the time to not just open our mouths for the numbers but to do it to meet people like Brother Edwin.
This is the best place in the whole world and I hope you are all jealous by now of not only where I am but what I am doing. The good news is, even though it would be hard to come to the Philippines, it isn’t hard to start doing what I am doing. You can all go out and talk to people you already know about this gospel and about the gifts we have of prayer and repentance and eternal families. I can promise you it will bring joy and satisfaction into your lives like you haven’t yet experienced because that is what it is doing for me. I love you all so much and you are all constantly in my prayers.
Continue to be awesome and thank you for reading about my exciting week.
Sister Prudencio

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