Week 57: My Biliran Family and General Conference

Hello My America Family:)

How are you all? This weekend(I know I am a week behind) we got to watch General Conference!! It was incredible and answered so many questions that have been on my mind recently. I am grateful for their preparation(the speakers) and the Holy Ghost that helped teach me what I needed to learn from them. I loved that all of their talks were about simple doctrine that I teach every day and that a majority of the talks were on the Savior and His Atonement and repentance. I have been told here in the mission that the most important thing that we can share with people is about the Atonement of Jesus Christ and in the scriptures whenever there is a big speech given by a prophet it is almost always about repentance. I will share some of my favorite quotes:
  • “If I loved you more, would you hurt less?” -a child talking to her grandpa in the hospital
  • “If we loved the Savior more, would we suffer less?” -Robert D Hales
  • “A loving God is as close as a prayer” -Carol F. McConkie
  • “We need not pray just with our LIPS but always with our HEARTS. Are you really praying or just saying prayers?” -Juan A. Uceda
  • “Stumbling blocks may be made into stepping stones” -Quentin L. Cook
  • “As she looked to the Book, she looked to the Lord” -Gary E. Stevenson
  • “I have learned to suffer with joy” -Russell M. Nelson
  • “It is not possible to sink lower than the infinite light of the Savior’s Atonement shines”
  • “Spiritual experiences have less to do with what is happening around us and everything to do with what i happening within our hearts” -Dean M. Davies
  • “The Lord did not remove the thorn but He did speak peace…To fully receive these gifts our Savior has so freely offered, we all must learn that suffering in and of itself does not teach or grant to us anything of lasting value unless we deliberately become involved in the process of learning from our afflictions through the exercise of faith.” -Evan A. Schmutz
Β My favorite talk I think. READ IT!
Besides General Conference, my week was also incredible!!! I have grown so close to the people here in Biliran and they truly feel like my family. On Wednesday we found out that Tatay Darantinao passed away(the one that is the first member in Biliran and his house was the only one left standing from the typhoon). I cried to find out we would not be able to hear more of his testimony with our visits but rejoice in the fact that he is now sharing his testimony with people in Heaven. We have gone to a funeral every day for him (Philippines tradition) and yesterday we were the speakers. I shared with everyone what I had learned from Tay about faith.
We found an amazing family this week (the Mendoza family). We only shared a little with them the first visit and gave them a Book of Mormon. We returned just a few days later and they had already read from it and prayed to know if it was true. We shared the complete message of the Restoration and we could just feel that they understood it and they want to know if it is true. I love finding families like them πŸ™‚ Sister Gullod is determined to get baptized and she has gone to church every week since we committed her last month, hopefully her baptism will be in a few weeks. I am so happy for her. I have started to notice a difference in people’s eyes when they are ready to receive the gospel. It started with Sister Gullod and then her neighbor Sister Elma. I have seen it a few more times in strangers even and I don’t know if it is just me thinking that but I love the light and the difference in their eyes. πŸ™‚
This picture of me and the Grandma laughing was taken candidly by Sister Allen. We were teaching her and I was for some reason sitting right next to her and she kept leaning really close to me and whispering strange things in my ears and would get super close to my face to tell me things and then start busting up laughing. She is over 80 years old and she is a member and I love her. Nanay Rodriguez.
This bridge is a bridge we have to walk across to get to one of our areas. By the way there is not a lot of transportation in this area and I have never done so much walking in my entire life.
It was also Sister Allen’s birthday this week. I made us banana pancakes and cocoa pebbles for breakfast and it was DELICIOUS πŸ™‚
At night a creepy man stared at us through the window and we all ended up sleeping in the same bedroom and barricading the door because we were scared out of our minds. But we are alive and no one is hurt and so don’t worry πŸ™‚
Other pictures:
Lipstick on our face is the one from our family home evening with Noel and the Bacatano’s(for real my new family here) we are at their house so often.
Some views from our areas:
I can’t think of what else. But I love this mission and I love Biliran and I love the Savior and His Atonement. I am grateful for our prophet, Thomas S. Monson and His Apostles. I am grateful for the knowledge that we have of the Plan of Salvation and that our Loving Heavenly Father truly is only a prayer away at all times.
I love all of you and I pray for you constantly.
Sister Prudencio

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