Week 56: MLC and FHE

Kamusta kamo 🙂

To start off with another update with the ice cream talk to everyone challenge: all the Zones reported their numbers at MLC and even though we have the least amount of missionaries in our zone, we got the highest numbers for almost ALL the categories 🙂 We were so proud of our zone and the work and progress that they made with the people in their area. We rewarded them with an ice cream party on Friday after all 🙂
We got very little work this week because we were not in our area for two days and then we had a Zone Training Meeting. BUT we did have three really good FHEs.(Family Home Evening).
1. We had another one at the Bacatano house (no picture attached, I will send next week because there is lipstick all over my face in it) and Noel is still going strong and has not drank in a long time 🙂 He even joined us for another FHE later that week. I am so proud of him and all their kids were there and their sister in law and some neighbor kids who are not yet members. We shared the story of the Prodigal Son with pictures and everyone said that they learned a lot from it and especially Noel could relate to going astray and then coming back to our Heavenly Father.
2. FHE at Napoles Family. First of all, their family and home makes me feel like I am at home with my family, They have 4 girls and usually jsut there mom is home and they are always playing games and basta…i love going to their house. This family pictured with all the girls have been investigators for a long long time, and Sister keeps reading and she says she knows it is true but she is Catholic and isn’t super interested in joining the church. This FHE was for her birthday and she opened up more about the church.
She said she has noticed that mormons dont have vices or temptations and they are just all really good people. Of course we corrected her and told her we still do have temptations and sometimes we also sin but we believe in living the things we learn from the scriptures and the bible. She said “more people should become mormon so there are more good people out there and no more drinking or smoking or vices”. We told her she should start that movement haha and she said she wants to wait for her husband to get baptized first. We were grateful she finally opened up and that she can notice the difference in members and nonmembers. It reminded me that people are always watching no matter if we know it or not. We need to set a good example and represent Jesus Christ and His Church always.
3. FHE at Gabuya. It was Brother’s birthday so we went and turned off all the lights and then used one little flash light to show that darkness or evil can never overcome the light, even a little light. then we played fun sign games where if you lost the punishment was putting coal on your face…as you can see i did not do very well. But it was a blast. Nanay made my favorite dish as well 🙂
I had a prayer answered this week in a way I didn’t expect or even want but in a way that perfectly fixed the problem and answered my prayer. Heavenly Father knows us perfectly and He knows how to answer our prayers and when to do so. We just need to be patient and recognize and appreciate when the answer comes.
We also got to watch the Women’s Session this week which was AMAZING and I love President Uchtdorf. His talk was perfect and exactly the added motivation that Sister Allen and I needed to have another successful cycle. And it was on such a simple concept that we teach every day: FAITH. 
  • I love that he reminded us that there are more ways to see than with our eyes, more ways to feel than with our hands, and more ways to hear than with our hearts. He goes on to council the people(all of us) who have people in their lives who say they haven’t received answers to their prayers, for example that the Church is true, and counsels us to not tell them to listen harder but to LISTEN DIFFERENTLY. I hope we can all take this advice for those that we love.
The gray shoes on the left are mine. And the other ones are Sister Allen’s. We haven’t had time to buy knew shoes so we walk around with these holey shoes. We just laugh about it but I thought I should document it. haha.
I am in love with this calling because of these people and I never want to come home. (sorry 🙂 )
Sister Prudencio

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