Week 55: Talking Like Everyone and Teaching Like the Savior


This week was awesome!! To start the week, Sister Allen and I were feeling like nothing we were doing was helping the zone be motivated to talk to everyone(a challenge recently given by President Bowen of the Area Presidency. So we were brainstorming a way of how we could motivate them. And we came up with something that motivates everyone…ICE CREAM 🙂 So first we asked permission from President if that could be an incentive and he thought it was an excellent idea and even upped the ante to ice cream party at his house!! So we told the whole zone about the Ice Cream OYM Challenge and they were all so excited. Sad to say we did not reach our girl of 30 every day BUT the number of people talked to in each area more than tripled and everyone got a lot more new investigators too! We are so proud of our zone 🙂
We went back to Sister Elma, the one who told us that she is looking for the true church and she read the Book of Mormon and prayed and says she knows it is true!! My smile was gigantic. Promise.
Lately, I have been focusing on three things that President Maurer has asked us to focus on in the work and here are some experiences from those focuses:

1. Teaching like the Savior:

For the Zone Conference I went through 3 Nephi and The Bible to study how the Savior taught and I wrote down all His questions and analogies. I then wrote some I could apply here or changed them up a bit to apply them to the Filipino people instead of the Jews. I noticed mostly before He asked questions, he told a parable. So during companionship study we now plan for an analogy to use to help them better understand the concept and it has been so fun. Also while teaching I try to think of a question the Savior would have used. The other day we were teaching Plan of Salvation to this lady and Sister Allen got to what our purpose is here and handed it off to me but I felt that we needed to back up and was prompted to ask her “Do you believe in God?” and she said yes. Then I said “Do you know that He loves you?” She paused and said she wasn’t sure because of all the trials in her life. We were able to back up and focus on the first principle in lesson one and testify that even with all of the trials, He still loves her. It was an amazing spiritual experience and I am grateful for the Holy Ghost to bring that question to mind and for the assignment to study the Savior’s teachings and apply it in our work. I noticed a lot of the Savior’s questions are simple and it worked just like it worked for the Savior.

2. Finding Prospective Elders

We have been looking for this one family full of prospective elders but no body knew them. So Sister Odlime and I saw a big group and took it as a way to start an OYM, not really thinking we were going to find this family. One of the Prospective elders was sitting in the crowd and so before going to his house, we were able to teach this group of people about the Gospel and then we went to his house and there are just like 4 or 5 less active prospective elders that live there and they said a missionary hasn’t visited them in years and years and they asked how we even know they are members or who told them. We got to bear testimony that because the Savior remembers each and every one of His sheep, so does the church and we were sent there to help find them. One of them said, “okay we will probably go to church next week”. And I feel like he meant it, just because he felt remembered and was reminded that he belongs to the best group there is. I love finding Prospective Elders.

3. Serving Investigators as a Way of Finding

On Saturday we were called early to go to the church but we were confused why. We got there to find out that the Branch President wanted us to give a tour to a group of students he was helping at the church. He was helping them for free and he took his own time to do it and he saw it as an opportunity for us to teach them a little bit about the gospel. In Catbalogan Sister Healey and I were thinking about doing an English class as a way to serve investigators and also for members to bring friends and referrals. Even if at first it starts out as just really teaching English, we can hopefully eventually start teaching the gospel to their families. We talked to President Barili about it and he loves it, so we are going to start on October 22. I am excited to help them here in a different way and find a way to teach them the gospel and get more referrals.

I know I say it every week but I can’t get over how much I love this work and these people and this calling. I have never been more passionate about anything in my life and I am so blessed, we are so blessed, we get to set time out of our lives to devote all of our attention to giving people good news and listening to strangers open up about their problems even on the first visit and then get to tell them about Jesus Christ and His Atonement or the Book of Mormon or prayer or that their Heavenly Father loves them so much and then to see the look in their eyes is…indescribable.

Random Pictures: 

Nanay Gabuya doing my laundry.


Playing volleyball at the church every Monday with the Youth.

The four boys pictured come to every FHE and activity and they are such fun boys.


The rice fields and that is me walking behind a Caribou next to the beautiful rice fields that we walk by every single day. I wish the pictures did justice. 



Oh and that old couple eating: They are nicknamed Romeo and Juliet and they are Nanay Gabuya’s parents. They walk around Biliran matching and holding hands and they are so old and adorable 🙂 



Sister Prudencio


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