Hello My Favorite Peeps.

First off, 2 significant things are happening this Friday. One thing more significant than the other. First off, I hit my ONE YEAR MARK this Friday the 16th!! But more important than that, it is my mom’s birthday this Friday 🙂 I am sad I can’t be there with her but I took some pictures for her.
Before I start, I think  I think I forgot to mention some things about Biliran; it is a unique area. The language here is 50% Waray Waray (what I have been speaking my whole mission) and 50% Cebuano (the language I learnd for a month in the MTC). So some of my conversations start with me asking what language they speak and praying that it is Waray Waray. If not, I try to remember the Cebuano I learned and speak that. Good news is, I can understand it a lot better than I can speak it. I carry around 3 Books of Mormon (yes I said it like that cause I have seen The Best 2 Years) 1 in English, 1 in Cebuano, and one in Tagalog since that is what Waray Waray speakers use. Basically I have two many languages in my head and that I hear everyday so I apologize if my English is getting worse. This is one of the three Islands in our mission and by far the smallest. This island is its own zone in the mission. I LOVE IT HERE.
But this week was GREAT! We did two exchanges and had a Zone Training Meeting where Sister Allen and I trained on studying and planning. So it was kind of a busy week but we met so many incredible people with incredible potential.
First I got to exchange with my batch, Sister Stinchfield and to our first few appointments, we crammed ourselves in one of the “sikads” here. It is like a side car on a bike and not meant for two big Americans.
We taught a few ladies about the Plan of Salvation after meeting them for the first time because they both opened up about their husbands dying recently and they were so grateful to hear that they could return to their husbands after this life and that they are waiting for them. They were powerful and good lessons. Sister Allen and I also taught 7 new investigators by sharing the Plan of Salvation because one of the girls had just had a baby and they were so intrigued and I am excited to go back to them and continue to share about the gospel 🙂
We have also had about 4 newish investigators tell us that they are searching for the true church but they don’t know where to find it. Amazing and inspired questions these people are asking us 🙂 We were able to testify of Joseph Smith and his same search and how the Book of Mormon and prayer will help them to finally find the true church. My testimony of the Book of Mormon has grown so much on my mission. I have seen such a difference in the people’s lives who read the Book of Mormon regularly and who don’t. I wish there was a way to just force everyone to read it because that is not only the way to know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true, but it will also change their lives. Just by taking a few minutes out of their day to read it.
The Dacallos couple is one family who says they have been looking for the truth for over 30 years and they are excited to start reading the Book of Mormon and see if it is the truth. They got tired of looking so they stopped going to church a long time ago and now they just pray. Elma Naval, a new investigator, said the same thing. I asked how many churches she has gone to and she told us at least 5 different ones she tested but they just didn’t seem right. We related her story to Joseph Smith and without us even inviting her to do so, she told us she is going to read the Book of Mormon that night. I LOVE THIS GOSPEL. i don’t think i have mentioned that before 😉
My temple day is coming alive 🙂 We presented the idea to the Branch Council and they all loved it so we will be having a Temple Day on October 8 and I am so excited for it to help people get excited and educated about the Temple.
I can’t think of anything else. We had 9 investigators at church 🙂 Last week only 3, so this area is starting to progress again and I love it 🙂 We also had a lot of Less actives come to church who haven’t been in FOREVER. Anyway. Tell me about all of your lives! I want to hear what is new, especially since it has been a year now.
My one advice to you all, and it will always be my advice forever to anyone no matter the problem or situation, is to read The Book of Mormon every single day. It will change your life for the better.
You are all still in my prayers and I love and miss you all!
Sister Prudencio

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