Week 52: MLC #4, Coal Farm, and New Investigators

Hello Everyone 🙂

We had Missionary Leadership Council again this week and it was so good again. We learned a lot from President that we can apply in our own work and that we can train on this week to the missionaries in our zone. President also showed the powerpoint presentation that I made for the stakes and wards to use at the temple day and everyone loved it. So we are going to start temple day in Tacloban mission for real and I am so excited because I know that it will help the people here get excited about going to the temple and saving to go there.
As for the work in Biliran, it was also really great and I still absolutely love teaching the gospel. I am not sure if I have been more passionate about anything in my life. I love meeting new people and getting to know them and then being able to share a message that can literally change their lives and give them happiness for eternity. We found a ton of new investigators this week and they are all so sweet.
A few experiences we had finding and teaching:
We were walking back from one of our kind of far areas and there was this shack thing full of people sitting so we went and talked to them all and it was so much fun. We taught about the restorations and then they ALL said we could go back and visit them in their houses with their families. 🙂 Afterwards there were a bunch of goats and baby goats surrounding us and I have always wanted a picture like the one on the front of the restoration pamphlet so we asked if we could hold them and they let us! 🙂
One night we needed one more lesson and there were a bunch of teenage looking boys sitting by a basketball court so we went and started to talk to them and get to know them and then we started teaching about the Mormon church and we asked if they had any questions. Surprisingly one of the 13 year old boys asked why there are so many churches. Unexpected, but we were able to teach them all about the apostasy and restoration. They said we can come back and visit their families as well 🙂
During weekly planning I was looking through our area books for former investigators or other people we could go visit and I came across a “Cristitutu Gelezon” The Gelizon couple are less actives who we visited last week and after we visited them they came to church for the first time in a few months 🙂 Anyways I don’t know why his name popped out at me but I kept saying how excited I am to meet him and Sister Allen at one point even said “I am so confused why you’re so excited to meet this one random guy who we have never met.”.I also wasn’t sure why, but we met him the next night and I found out why. We met him in the middle of the night in the forest and him and his whole family were making coal in the pitch black in the middle of this forest, but we still decided to sit down and teach them all(flashlights being the only light around besides the stars). It was so silent that I decided we should first share about the Holy Ghost and how it feels and invited them to listen with their hearts for the Holy Ghost as we shared our lesson. Then we just continued to share about Heavenly Father and simply how He loves them and knows them and understands that life is hard but that is why He sent His Son first. The Spirit was stronger than I have felt it in a long time and then we were able to commit him again to a baptismal date in October. AND he came to church yesterday and stayed all thee hours and hopefully he continues to progress and he can join his parents in the kingdom of God and they could even goal for the temple! He is 25 and so kind.
Lastly, we visited Tatay Darantinao last night. He was the first member in Biliran in 1997 and he is amazing. We decided to visit them last minute so we hadn’t planned for a lesson and randomly the verse Helaman 5:12 came to my mind about Rock of Our Redeemer and the strong storms and stuff hitting out life and we need to have faith to keep a strong foundation. Anyways, we shared it and then he told a miracle that happened in his life. Typhoon Yolanda is the giant typhoon that hit this mission a few years ago and most of my areas thus far were badly affected by it. He said that when it hit, he was in Manila and he was so scared that he was going to come home to no house. He said he prayed so hard that nothing would happen to his house and he knew that Heavenly Father would answer his prayers if he did not waiver in his faith. His house was the only one left standing on his whole street and even the big fancy houses made of cement were down, but his was standing. It was an incredible build of my testimony and a literal example of how if we center our lives on Christ and build our lives with Him as our foundation, no matter what storm or trial comes our way, we will still stand.
I also attached a picture of Tay Simplicio. He is the only member in his family and he begged us to come visit him last Sunday and when we went he could not stop thanking us for visiting him and reminding him about the gospel. He brought tears to my eyes with his gratitude and humility and faith in the gospel.
Sister Prudencio

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