Adina Family, Riza, Dan Jones, and Biliran

Aug21 BiliranHello from Biliran!

It’s transfer Week and I am going to be an STL in Biliran, the prettiest area in the mission and my new companion is Sister Allen from Bountiful! She was Sister Healey’s companion in the MTC. I am so so so excited 🙂
aug21 sisters

As for my last week in Catbalogan, it was also amazing and I am going to miss it here so incredibly much. All of the families and people that have changed my life and built/strengthened my testimony.

aug21 companions
Last night we visited the Adina family (the amazing family that goes to church every week and just can’t be baptized yet because they are not married yet). We showed up and one of the first thing Bother Adina asks us if they can get baptized tomorrow and we had to remind them about their marriage but now brother seems really motivated to figure it out so they can get married. We taught 10 commandments and it was the most difficult 10 Commandment lesson I have ever taught; usually people are really accepting and just already know about them. Brother Adina starts going into the “square prayer” and quoting things from the Bible. He then started taking the Lord’s name in vain before we got to that commandment, and then we explained it and he did not know it wasn’t allowed, and then said yeah that is like if whenever i got hurt I started saying “sister prudencio.” Hahah, I told him, he can start saying that as long as he stops saying the Lord’s name. Then he started asking if we believe in vampires and ghosts and told me when I go home, I will be flying in the air at night and people are going to ask what happened to me. hahahah. Very very entertaining lesson. I am going to miss them and I am so excited for their baptism.

We went and visited Riza a few times this week, and the first time (the first time after her baptism) she talked about how people at work have been telling her she is different because she is always happy and just signing to herself at work. She told us she sings hymns to herself all day 🙂 Also she told us about telling people she is Mormon and how she is so proud of it 🙂 She is honestly amazing and so converted to the gospel. I will miss her probably the most.

One of our areas is a hill full of people that belong to the Assemblies of God church. It is extremely difficult to teach. BUT one of our investigators told us about how sometimes some seventh day adventist and other religion missionaries come to the “plaza” right outside of her house and gather the people around and start teaching like that. I told Sister Healey about the idea because I thought it might be a good idea to bring a box of Aklat ni Mormon and pamphlets and a paper where they can write their name and contact info after if they want us to come back and visit them. So we went to this plaza after telling everyone that we were going to share with them at 5 PM and then we got on a bench and started shouting at the top of our lungs about the gospel. That morning for personal study, I researched how to even preach like that, since I have never done it before but I knew that there are people in the Book of Mormon like Jesus, Alma, and King Benjamin who did. So I studied their techniques and the things they chose to share with large crowds of people and similarities in their “sermons”. We were just going to share the message of the Restoration but I noticed that they mostly shared about repentance and the Atonement, so we decided to fit that into our thing. We shared to about 50-60 people about the restoration and Jesus Christ and Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon and it was so loud and sometimes chaotic. But afterwards we had about 30 people come and sign their names and also we got to teach right away some of the near by houses. We passed out 3 packs of pamphlets and a whole box of Book of Mormon after writing information in all of them and highlighting key scriptures. It was an amazing experience 🙂 Although my voice is still returning.

I got to go back to Borongan on Friday for exchanges and see everyone that I love and miss so much from there 🙂 The District President had a dinner at his house for me and some members that I am close to came. It was so so so good to see them again 🙂

I had to say bye to all the ward members and investigators yesterday and it was really hard, again but I know that I will enjoy it as well in Biliran 🙂

I hope you all have a wonderful week and I will continue to pray for you!

Sister Prudencio

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