Week 48: The Hospital & the MLC

Good Morning America!

This week was kind of hard because we never returned back to our area to teach. We were in Tacloban all week, in the hospital and in the mission home. So we didn’t get to visit any of the investigators, recent converts, or less actives who we love so much. We get to return to Catbalogan this week!
I did get to go out and work with the Sisters who are assigned here though for a few days so that was nice because I don’t think I could have gone a whole week without teaching; I might have gone insane.
Aug7 sister
On Tuesday and Wednesday we had MLC again and it was a great meeting. Our mission has been focusing on urgency recently and Sister Healey and I took that and really focused on being urgent and using every minute of our time doing something related to missionary work. So President asked me to bear testimony about being urgent and the miracles and blessings I have seen from doing so. They also had me demonstrate how to do an ‘OYM’. I was super nervous and I had to do it in English which I don’t know how to do weirdly enough but it was a fun experience.
Aug7 MLC
Sister Healey got admitted to the hospital Tuesday morning for her Dengue Fever. She was very, very sick.  SO on Tuesday night (we didn’t have a room yet) I slept on the floor by her bedside. I woke up to water spewing out of her mouth because she was throwing up. I won’t ever forget that moment.
Not a lot else happened. I ate at this authentic Italian restaurant and had REAL PIZZA. The best day ever. I taught the owner and his brother in law (one from Italy and one from Germany) the plan of Salvation and they were really nice guys.
I think that is all for now. Here are some pictures of the room we stayed in at the mission home. Real beds!!
Sister Prudencio

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