Week 47: Illness, Beds, and Rain

Hay is for Horses,

I miss you all so much. This week has been kind of insane but that is what makes life fun and exciting 🙂
My companion, Sister Healey, on Wednesday got sick.  Because of that, we haven’t gotten to work as much this week. But the branch missionaries in our branch are really sweet and sometimes one of them will go out and work with me and one will stay with Sister Healey for a few hours and watch over her. Everyone has been really kind to us and helpful with her sickness. Now we are staying in the mission home for a few days where Sister Maurer can help take care of her and we are in Air con and have real beds. It is kind of like a hotel. We are so blessed.
Yesterday we could only go to sacrament meeting but 15 of our investigators came to church and we are so excited to watch them continue to progress. We love our area and it is so fun to continue to visit them and see them grow and the gospel of Jesus Christ change their lives.
A few funny stories for the week:
1) On Tuesday, I went to an area that I had never gone before and we were trying to call this lady’s name to teach her and I stepped down on her step and her dog started barking and biting at me and so I started jumping up and down and trying to hide behind Sister Healey. Everyone in the village started to look at us and stare at these two American girls getting eaten by a dog. After the dog finally backed off, Sister Healey stepped back and on the dogs new born puppy and it squealed. At this point, even more people are gathered around looking at us and Sister Healey asked what we should do. I said (dead serious and embarrassed out of my mind) “Let’s leave and never come back. When the area is white washed they can come back.” The dog just left a scratch on my ankle with it’s tooth and we don’t think it has rabies. So I am good. Plus Michael Scott did a run for rabies to find the cure so we are good even if I did get it. 🙂
2) So I think I already told you about our death trap of a bed. So the Elders came and tore it apart and built us a new, even more terrifying bed. The top bunk(my bed) is so high I hit my head on the light bulb the other day when I sat up. And they did not build us a ladder so we improvised with parts from our last bed and then I tried making a ladder the other day and I immediately regret not taking workshop in high school because my attempt was an epic fail.
3) I worked with Sister Tampus the other night. She is our neighbor. It was pouring cats and dogs and I forgot my umbrella so we had to share hers and we were both getting soaking wet and then I wanted to teach this one really really nice house. I have wanted to teach the people in that house for a long time but I just never did, and the pouring rain was the perfect opportunity to have them let us in the house. But Sister Tampus pulled me away cause she was too shy. Then a few doors down there was another really nice house so I said “MAUPAY!” a million times. It is like knocking on doors or ringing the door bell. They came out and I asked where a member that we know lives and then because it was raining they invited us into the nicest house I have seen in the Philippines and we taught them the Plan of Salvation and got a new family of investigators 🙂 After we left we had to walk back where we came from and it was still pouring rain and we got kind of lost and Sister Tampus just kept on yelling at me because she was so wet and we got lost. hahaha.
I promise that spiritual things happened as well but I just wanted to share the funny things.
I love you and pray for you every day!
Sister Prudencio

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