Week 46: Buotan na Tawo (Good people)


Namimingaw kamo nako oraora. Kunta, malipayon pa kamo didto ha Amerika:) Kay malipayon talaga ako dinhi ha Catbalogan ha Pilipinas. Nagampo ako para ha iyo kada adlaw kay nababaraka ko kamo. Pero maaram ako nga nabantayon kamo han Aton ha Amay ha Langit kada takna.

Sorry, I just realized I haven’t really written in Waray Waray to you all yet so I thought you would like to see how it looks. I miss all of you a ton though 🙂 This week was also amazing and the Lord is providing us so much success here in Catbalogan. We had two different exchanges this week so for 2 of the 7 days last week I had two different companions and it was so fun:) One was Sister Snow, the one from my stake in Gilbert, and that is always fun to work with her. The other one is a new trainee in the mission, Sister Datoon (a filipina) who also strangely enough has family that lives in Gilbert. Small, small world.

People were so kind to us this week. Now, every time we go teach the Adina family, they prepare dinner for us and Sister has now given us peanut butter and two notebooks. The Elders in our district went to Tacloban and just kind of jokingly we asked them to bring us something back, expecting like chocolate or something. Instead, they came back with all of these hair pins and ribbons that you might imagine you would buy at Claire’s and they said they spent 30 minutes in this store looking for stuff for us. SOOO SWEET haha. And then a lot of the appointments we had, after we were done teaching they would run and get us a snack and coke so we could sit and talk to them a little more. SOOO KIND
Jul24 Man
We went back to Brother Tizon (the one that drove us to his house with his family) and taught them Word of Wisdom. Brother committed to try to live it. Then yesterday, kind of unexpectedly, we went back to him and he opened the door and started confessing that he was just drinking and that he drank two bottles. We still decided to share with him about repentance and the entire time he kept his eyes closed because he was too embarrassed to look at us and he just kept apologizing over and over and over again. We read about Alma the Younger and then we invited him to say the closing prayer and that instead of apologizing to us, he could now apologize to Heavenly Father, and then he said a long, long prayer apologizing and asking for forgiveness. He said hopefully I don’t drink again, but like Sister Prudencio said, we are just people so I might make another mistake. hahah it was pretty entertaining and it made me appreciate the Atonement and brother’s desire to change.
We went back and taught the Pincas family and they are incredible. It was the third time that we had taught them and Sister read about how Jesus was baptized and when he taught the correct way to be baptized. The older Sister (first time we have taught her) asked if she joins the church is it required to be a missionary like us, and then in her closing prayer she said she is excited for the day when she gets to preach the gospel herself like us. Sister told us that even though they can’t go to church this Sunday, (holding the Book of Mormon in her hands) that she knows the Book of true and that it will help her life and her family. She says that she knows that they will come to church soon. I love them 🙂
Sister Riza had her baptismal interview on Saturday and now she is going to be interviewed by President Maurer on Wedensday, so hopefully she can be baptized on Saturday  🙂 I love her so much.
Jul24 rooftop
This is the rooftop above our apartment and it is sick. So sister Healey and I were using the timer on her camera so we could get pictures with the background. It has just finished raining super hard and there were still big puddles on the roof. I set the timer and went to run to get in the picture and instead I slipped in this disgusting dirty puddle and then laid there laughing for a few minutes, because I was getting drenched but I just didn’t care so I had a huge muddy spot on my skirt when I got up. Not my proudest moment.
Anyway, I LOVE THIS WORK MORE THAN EVER. And I love you all. Stay safe please and remember we are all children of God.
Sister Prudencio

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