Week 44: Finding lost sheep, Achieving goals, and Getting Lost

Maupay na udto!

This week has been incredible, as usual. We started off the week with a Zone Activity and we did like a missionary version of The Amazing Race where our challenges were missionary stuff but it was still WAY fun 🙂 Then we had Zone Training Meeting on Tuesday where Sister Healey and I gave a training about becoming a Preach My Gospel Missionary and it went pretty well 🙂
About finding lost sheep; I like to use that story from the Bible about the 99 sheep when teaching the first lesson and we had a few experiences with it this week. One was pretty funny because I started to explain that is why we are there to help Jesus Christ find those lost sheep who haven’t found the true gospel yet or who have but have lost their way. Here is an example of that:
So lately our mission has had a focus on finding “Prospective Elders” meaning those men over 18 years old that have been baptized but have not yet received the Priesthood because that probably means that they are not active which means they have wives and children now that are probably not yet members. So I went through the records of our branch and found all of these men that are in our area so we could find them this past week. We were looking for one guy in the record and we found their house but only his mom and his step dad were home. They have not been visited by the missionaries in a LONG LONG TIME so the mom was so confused how we knew about their family and asked does the church still know our names? We shared Moroni 6 with her about after being baptized our names are written not just in the church but in heaven. We shared with her that the church didn’t forget about her and her family, because Heavenly Father doesn’t forget about us even if it has been forever since we have prayed, gone to church, or read the scriptures, He is always waiting for us to return to Him. She started crying so hard because she just couldn’t believe that we had found her and she said she knows Heavenly Father loves her and didn’t forget her or leave her alone because we were there as proof. We committed her husband to a baptismal date too. My testimony was strengthened about Heavenly Father always remembering us no matter what we do, His arms are always open for us to run to Him. I am so grateful for that experience!
Sister Healey and I love setting goals and one goal we set when we first became companions was to get three “awards” all in one month that go in the newsletter that I attached. One is baptizing a family, two is a “teacher certification award”, and three is achieving the standard of excellence. We achieved the goal and we are so happy 🙂 Also we have a new goal from Elder Bowen to talk to 30 new people every day and share the message of the gospel. Usually we get like 10, so this was a big step up, but this week Sister Healey and I did it and got 211 OYM to report 🙂 It resulted in so many new investigators and people that are now familiar a little bit with the message and with the church. ALSO an amazing thing happened on Sunday, definitely a miracle; 12 investigators came to church and most of the have a baptismal date 🙂 Sister Healey and I were so excited for them and to continue to watch them progress.
So Sister Healey and I went on an unexpected, 1 hour long scenic hike in someone else’s area. I thought I knew a short cut from one of our areas to another. Yeah I was so wrong. BUT we got some pretty pictures out of it and yeah I just felt kinda dumb. I bought a yellow umbrella because it reminds me of How I Met Your Mother 🙂
This week has been incredible 🙂 I hope you are all doing wonderfully and please pray that I don’t get transferred because this week is transfer week ;/
Sister Prudencio
This is Sister Riza. Sister Acama and I found her last cycle and she is an amazing person and investigator. She stopped drinking tea, alcohol, and coffee and stopped living with her boyfriend after we taught Word of Wisdom and Law of Chastity. She comes to all the events at church and she even came to a baptism with us on Saturday. She tells all of her coworkers and her boyfriend about the church and the things that we share with her. She makes me so happy and hopefully she will be baptized this month 🙂
This picture above is  with Danica and Emie. They are two of my closest friends here in Catbalogan because they work with us a lot.
 (above) This is the Dela Cruz family, because we had an awesome FHE last night 🙂
Sister Arais went home so I made her this sign. (above)
We got to play volleyball earlier in the week 🙂

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