Week 43: I’m Going There Someday, Miracle Day, and Fourth of July


I am so jealous of you all and your firework shows and parades and Popsicles, but it’s okay because I am now a Filipina so our independence day was last month 😉
jul 1 conference
This week was amazing gihap, of course! We had Mission Leadership Council(MLC) again this past week and Sister Healey and (I am not bragging or trying to be prideful, I am just really excited about it) I presented the idea that I had a few months ago at our last MLC about having “temple days” at the chapel. Since it is so difficult to go to the temple here, but to keep people excited to go,  I made a poster and a few samples of what we could use and presented it to President and the other ZLs and STLs and they loved it and so we are going to start implementing it in the mission and I am excited to help with that as well. I know that it will help members stay active and help them to see that the temple is such an important sacred place to be.
Jul 1 temple
We had exchanges and my companion was Sister Domingo and we had an INCREDIBLE day of work! 🙂 We were able to teach a lot of people and we committed 4 new people to get baptized!! 🙂 One was Brother Tizon, the family we found last week when they drove us to their house. He is already in 1 Nephi 8! And we didn’t even commit him to read the Book of Mormon when we left. He is incredible and they have so much potential. The Adina family also are our new investigators and they all came to church this week 🙂 We watched the Restoration video with them at our last visit and even though brother has a lot of ideas and loves to talk and share all his theories on religion and Catholicism, he is finally listening and understanding, we think.
We were at another investigators house this week and I heard something making noises behind me, even though my back was against a wall and I turned a freaked out, cause that animal that is on my head in the picture was just chillen and I didn’t know what it was.
Jul1 animal
Also I have a funny story, that is mostly for me to remember but maybe you will think it is funny: Sister Healey was the chorister and the song was “Should You Feel Inclined to Censure” and she gets up to give the tone so we know how to sing and I was only have paying attention and she sings “Should you feel inclined to seizure”, (she was dead serious)and then after saying ready sing, She says it again. I Finally started paying attention, I looked at her and mouthed “did you just say seizure?” hahah and then laughed cried through the whole rest of the song. She told me after she really thought that it was seizure and as she was singing she was thinking, “that’s a weird hymn” hahahahahahahah. she was laughing hard core.
Jul 1 sisters
I can’t remember what else happened so I will have to leave it at that, but I love Catbalogan and I love being a missionary! 🙂
Keep on keepin on and I love you all so very much. Please stay safe and happy and healthy and know you are always in my prayers 🙂
Hinigugma kamo nako 🙂
Sister Prudencio

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