Week 42: Elder Bowen, Tizon Family, and the Bustillos

Hello! How are all of you doing?? Fourth of July is almost here and I hope you all have fireworks and parades to go to; we will just be eating watermelon and barbequed intestines here to celebrate America.

Another amazing week πŸ™‚ Sister Healey and I went to Tacloban on Wednesday for a special Missionary Leadership Council with Elder Bowen, of the Seventy. Then he came here for a mission tour in Catbalogan. Elder and Sister Bowen are incredible people. After the Mission Tour, he came and sat by Sister Healey and me, so we were able to get to know him a lot better and ask whatever questions we wanted, about the church, his life, our life, etc. I asked him a question that I have been asked leaders and teachers in church ever since I can remember, but they never knew the answer and Elder Bowen was able to answer it for me:) He served his mission in Chile and then he and Sister Bowen served as mission President in Spain. As we were talking, he asked me about my life and how much longer I have in the mission and I said 9 months, he then immediately said “Perfect so you will be married in 10 months then.” I turned red, since I do so easily, and told him that was impossible haha. He is trunky for me. He also gave our whole mission a list of what questions we need to ask our potential spouse before marrying them and if they don’t know, don’t marry them he says. He came and did an apartment check after the mission tour and blessed that our apartment would be able to get water so that we could get sleep and focus more on the mission. We have had semi regular water flow every night since then πŸ™‚ MIRACLE.

DSCN5295 (2)

I would like to share an idea that he gave us about false limitations coupled with this quote by Michaelangelo: β€œThe greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.”

  • Flea Experiment: they put fleas in a jar and of course they jumped out. then they put a lid on the jar and the fleas started to hit the lid but slowly, you couldn’t hear them hit the lid anymore because they were jumping just below the lid so it wouldn’t hurt, then when they took the lid off again the fleas didn’t jump out but just below the rim.
  • Roger Banister: Until 1954, people thought it was impossible to run the mile faster than 4 minutes; they thought people/the bodies were not capable of doing it. On May 6, 1954 Roger Banister ran the mile faster than 4 minutes and right after that 5 other nations had people running faster as well.
  • Elephants: To train an elephant to stay in one place, while they are babies they tie a rope around its leg and then to a stake so they can’t walk away. By the time they are adults, they don’t need the stake anymore. They just tie the rope around their leg and the elephant doesn’t move.

His point with all of these scenarios is that a lot of times we don’t realize our potential and we set false limitations for ourselves. We need to realize that we are daughters and sons of God and with faith, we can do anything we set our minds to. We cannot let others tell us what our limitations are and we can’t let the fear of failing or getting hurt stop us from “jumping out of the jar” and excelling at whatever we do.

THE Questions:
  1. Can you tell me where the oath and covenant of the Priesthood came from?
  2. What does this mean to you?
  3. How have you applied this in your life?
(I am not sending these so you pass the marriage test, but if Elder Bowen thinks they are that important to know then it might be worth it to research πŸ™‚ )
DSCN5396 (3)
Another miracle that happened this week: We were in the trike(not a bike with three wheels; more like a motorcycle with a sidecar) driving to one of our areas, which is an area that the trike just less us out on the main street and we have to walk for a while to get to the houses in the street. So I told the driver where we were going and he had his kid on his lap and his wife and another kid right next to him, so I started asking them about the kids and the wife, etc. He asked we just wanted him to drive into the street and I asked if it was allowed and he said his house was in there so he drove to his house and let us out there. We got to know him some more and talked to his wife and kids and then asked if we could share a message with them. They let us into their home and they are a beautiful family, so excited about the message and we are thrilled to return and share more with them. Our new investigator, the Tizon family, literally drove us to his house; I don’t think that happens every day haha.
The Bustillo Family is amazing:) In an appointment, Brother said that he had a mission and so we hesitantly asked what he meant, he then went on to explain that President Konos asked him to set up chairs and hymn books and clean the church every Sunday and soon realized that his mission was actually a calling:) Sister has started to go to appointments with us to teach and she already has some visiting teaching assignments that she is excited about. They came to church 30 minutes early and Brother received the Aaronic Priesthood.
Also I read this little article during personal study the other day: READ and share the gospel with everyone:) Β https://www.lds.org/new-era/2015/03/be-a-missionary-now/dont-judge-who-is-ready?lang=eng
Sister Danica is the branch missionary I am probably closest to here, she is brilliant and remembers like everything she reads.
DSCN5397 (3)
We taught this lesson and all of these kids joined in this tiny house and we taught them about baptism. Part of the floor broke in the house because there were so many of us.
DSCN5400 (2)
My new district.
Catbalogan Zone
Elder Bowen and my zone, including the cute sisters that I get to do exchanges with:)

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