Week 41: Bustillo Baptism, Nanny Again, and True Love


Another INCREDIBLE week in Catbalogan! The Bustillo Family got baptized on Saturday after spending most of the week getting them ready for their interview with President Maurer. And the baptism: the service, the people, the time, all went perfectly (after lots of stress and struggle)!

DSCN5246 (2)

The night before, we had a birthday party for their one year old son, Baby Albert, and we texted the people and leaders in the Branch to invite them and tell that the Bustillo’s would appreciate the warm welcome as the newest members of the Branch. We invited the Relief Society President to give the first message and our District President to give the second and so many branch members came! My last few baptisms only a few people have showed up to support, but this time so many people came and I know Brother and Sister Bustillo felt so welcomed! I got to see my favorite part again about the mission, their smiles after they are baptized and hearing their testimonies. It never fails to make me cry and give me goosebumps and allow me to feel the Spirit stronger than ever.


They both cried while bearing their testimonies about the gospel and the opportunity they have to be a family forever. I love them and know they will be leaders some day in Catbalogan 1st Branch because their testimonies are so strong and they mentioned in their testimonies how grateful they are for the church and the Book of Mormon for changing their lives. They glowed after they were baptized and then yesterday they received the gift of the Holy Ghost, next week brother will receive the Priesthood. They have a few pictures up in their home of the temple and they are so excited to make it their to be sealed forever as a family. Brother Albert, Sister Jocelyn, and Sister Jaira entered into the gates of the Lord’s Kingdom and I am so excited for them to endure. I know that their testimonies and examples will change the lives of so many people they come in contact with and that are already a part of their lives.

Yesterday we had NINE investigators come to church 🙂 It was a miracle and we were incredibly happy that they could come. Three of the families have a ton of little kids so throughout sacrament meeting, Sister Healey and I were babysitters, giving them treats and things to keep them busy so that they wouldn’t be loud or noisy. Sister Healey and I both had about 5 kids to try to control because their mother’s had the baby in their hands. I loved it 🙂 One of the members came up to me after church and told me I am ready to be a mom now…I think not.

This email isn’t meant to sound trunky..even though I am half way done now 😉 jokes. BUT The cute deaf Tay that I email about every week wasn’t at home the other day and we really wanted to get a picture. Our other investigator told us this story and it will melt your hearts..keep in mind that he and his wife are both about 83 years old and have never actually been married and can barely hear each other and when they get in fights the whole neighborhood can hear cause they have to yell twice as loud.

The other day Nanay got really sick and told Tatay that she would probably only live a few days so that everything was left to Tatay and he could do what he wanted and shouldn’t worry about her. Tatay went to a town a few hours away the next day and packed all of his clothes. He had to borrow money to get there from our investigator. He packed all of his clothes to sell them to buy medicine for Nanay and the town a few hours away was the only place he could get the money. He has been gone a week now and still hasn’t returned since he is probably still trying to get the money to buy her medicine…He is my favorite person in the world.

We have a mission tour this Wednesday that Elder Bowen(one of the 70) is coming to and Sister Healey and I are in charge of the catering and decorations and chapel and cleaning and all that good stuff because 110 missionaries will come here to hear Elder Bowen speak. I am excited but please pray that everything runs smoothly 🙂


During the birthday party, I was just talking to Sister Healey and this kid, John Albert comes and grabs my nose and tries to pull it off…apparently he couldn’t believe a nose this long could be real… -_-

These are some of our investigators.
Sister Healey and I decided to take some pictures because we were so happy yesterday with all the investigators that came to church.


Sister Prudencio

P.S. We had such a crazy week planning for the Mission Tour and the baptism and we watched this video and it helped us to realize that even though our weeks didn’t go exactly according to plan, it is how Heavenly Father wanted our week to go and we did all that He wanted us to do. If you have time you should watch it!


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