Half Way There – FHE, Sis Snow, Miracles

Today officially marks 9 months –  my half way point in the mission and I cannot believe it! I am not counting I promise. I just want time to slow down because I don’t want to ever leave the Philippines or these amazing people. Every day I feel so blessed and lucky that this is where the Lord chose to send me and that these are the people I get to love and teach and have change my life. They are simple and humble and kind and charitable and have so many Christlike attributes that I lack. I love them and they are my family now. I will do everything to serve and love these people even more for the rest of my mission.


This week we went on exchanges and my companion for the day was Sister Snow (the girl from Gilbert). We had so much fun. I know this might sound crazy and it may not be true but we talk the same, we have the same sense of humor and she is awesome:) Gilbert Gals man… we taught two lessons in a row where there were at least 20 children all being sooo loud and she doesn’t know the language yet of course so it was pretty stressful but we just laughed about it afterwards. It was fun getting to talk about Los and all the Gilbert/ Chandler/Arizona stuff that I miss. I will send a picture of her another time because we forgot to take one.

One day this week, Sister Healey and I got 9 lessons and that is the most lessons I have ever gotten in one day. But the lessons didn’t feel rushed and it didn’t feel like we were in a hurry, time just slowed down for us to be able to have amazing lessons/ Honestly each of those 9 lessons were amazing and miracles happened in each. I will tell you about some of them.


1) Sister Flor:  We went and taught one of our investigators who has a baptismal date set but her boyfriend, who is a member, has been holding her back from going to church and her goal to get baptized. He is the one that we were bold with so he came to church the next Sunday When we went she said she had a talk with her boyfriend, Erik, and he realized that he has been being silly and he is now the one that says they need to go to church and their marriage papers are close to being done and she told us she wants to get baptized July 9. 🙂 My smile was HUGE because through her example and continued reading and praying and being a good example, it is finally starting to pay off and Erik and changing. THEY CAME TO CHURCH ON SUNDAY 🙂

2) Funny Story: We taught the deaf Nay and Tay again. Tatay is my new favorite person. Every time we would ask this 83 year old man a question, he would answer and then look over and smile with his only two front teeth and ask “Tama?” or “am i right?” Then we were teaching about baptism and Sister Healey showed him this picture. He can’t see enough to read but he can see pictures (kind of) and she asked what is Jesus doing in this picture. And he looks at it for a second and then tells us that he thinks it is a picture of people dancing. hahahahah. through his blurred vision he thinks that we are showing him a picture of Jesus dancing. We then explained they were standing in water and asked if he wanted to follow His example by being baptized and Tay says that he can’t because he will probably drown. hahah. We had to assure him he would not and that there are people to help him. We continued the lesson and this random girl walks by and he says “Adi na he Jesus” or Jesus is here now and points to the girl. Then does the cutest old man chuckle ever. hahahahah. I promise we will get a picture this week so you can all see him.


 3) The Dela Cruz Family: They are less actives(Erik is a part of this family) and there are a ton of them. The father is the one mostly keeping them from their goal of the temple and he usually is only half listening or just reading the Bible when we go. When we went this time, he was so happy and had a new countenance. He was reading the passage from the Book of Mormon that we were sharing and he was participating and we just found out they have started to do family prayer and family scripture study again:) I am so happy for them.

We had FHE at the Sanico family. They are the ones who the father is usually drunk when we get there and he has never listened to the missionaries or even had an interest. The other day we were at their house and they had a ton of laundry to fold so after begging SIster let us fold the laundry after the lesson and she was so grateful. We set up an FHE an invited tatay(father) and he agreed to join, We got there Saturday night for the FHE and Tatay had made us chicken, and fish, and rice, and some yummy cooked bananas and he was so excited for the FHE. It was amazing to see. He participated as we did an object lesson with three cups and spoons and talked about needing family unity and family prayer. scripture study, and simba. He even read from the Book of Mormon for us!  We committed them all to church and at the end, Tatay practically asked  to keep the copy of the Aklat ni Mormon we had him read from. It was a miracle and just what Sister needed to continue her desire to investigate the church(picture below).


All in all this week was really good 🙂

I love this work and am sad that it is half way done but that also means I get to see all of you in just 9 months:) Continue to be safe and happy always!

Sister Prudencio





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