Week 37: Members Help, the 3 Js and FHE

Hello Everyone!

I hope everyone is still doing well because I continually pray for you all every day. 🙂 This week was good!
We had a Zone Activity that I organized and we played games like, marshmallow PVC pipe war, water balloon volleyball, flour sac fight, all ideas that I stole from girls camp or YSA ward in Provo but it was a blast!! 🙂
My testimony about members help with missionary work and referrals has grown so much this week. On Sunday after church we had an experience where a member went with us to the first appointment of her referral and it was the first time that I have had such an experience on my mission. It was amazing! The referral lives right next to the church and she was at first reluctant to listen but then Sister Bayani(the member) encouraged her to and we had a meaningful discussion and she wasn’t afraid to ask questions because that initial wall is already down since they are friends and she had someone to relate to and Sister Bayani was able to answer some of her questions and concerns and testify how it has helped her family. She is so excited for us to come back and share more with her. 🙂
The “3 J’s” are JeniRose, Jason, and Justin. They are the family referral from Sister Bustillo and they are so amazing:) Sister JeniRose and her son Jason (13 yrs old) read the Book of Mormon and prayed to know if it is true already. They say they felt good after they prayed but they are still not sure if it is true. Last night we visited them and after they said that, we taught more about the Book of Mormon and then I bore testimony of it and that I knew they would also come to know that it was true and invited them to get baptized when that times comes. They both said yes to be baptized July 30. 🙂
We had a big FHE with my favorite families that are investigators here for SIster Acama’s birthday(that is the pictures). We played a fun game with everyone that is sort of like the game pterodactyl, but you say fruits instead.
wk37 group
We had more exchanges this week and I was companions with a new missionary who is 35. So for all of you who that I would be ancient in the field at 21…now ya know haha. Anyway, we were teaching a less active family and this random nanay comes and sits down so we ask if we can teach her. She says yes. There is a catch though, because she is like 80% deaf. So we started with just a prayer and it was the first mormon prayer that I have heard at such a high volume. Then her husband came and he is also 75% deaf. So we yelled the entire lesson and every time my companion was done speaking she would have to catch her breath. It was extremely hard not to laugh throughout the whole lesson, Especially when we had to repeat ourselves 15 times or they answered one of our questions with an answer that didn’t make sense. Like SIster Angeles asked why his family is important to him like 4 times and finally he answers, “waray kamo bulong?” meaning “You don’t have medicine?” hahahah. I did laugh out loud at that. Then we were trying to get them to pray and they wouldn’t so Sister Angeles and I lead Tatay to pray like you help a little kid to pray except it was so loud and Tatay is like 82 years old. They are my favorite old couple ever and I will send pictures of them next week.
Besides that, nothing new has happened. Sister Acama and I had a really successful week this week and found about 20 new investigators and most of them are families so we are excited to go back and continue teaching them and see them come closer to Christ.
I have been reading a lot of the New Testament for my personal study still and I want to share three scriptures that I really liked.
1. “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” Philippians 4:13…this was my trainers favorite verse so she always quoted it but it was a good reminder that we can do anything that we set our mind to with the help of Jesus.
2.”And the Lord make you to increase and abound in love one to another, and toward all men, even as we do toward you.” 1 Thessalonians 3:12…this was a good reminder to me to always strive to be more loving and charitable just like Christ was to the people here on the earth.
3. “Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life…” 1 Timothy 6:12… The prize that we get for winning the “good fight of faith” is eternal life with our families. It reminded me when I get upset at life or someone else that there is only one fight that I am a part of and it is “the good fight” against Satan where Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are the captains.
We had District Conference here and President Maurer showed this video. A lot of you might have seen it before, but that is okay, you should watch it again:)
I know that there are always opportunities to share the gospel, even by example:)
I love you all! Stay safe and happy:)
Sister Prudencio

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