Week 34: Funerals, FHE, and the Fig Tree

Hi Everyone 🙂

Sooo Catbalogan is an awesome area and being an STL (that doesnt stand for st. louis) so far isn’t that bad and I am really enjoying getting to spend time with so many Sisters on exchanges. This week for a day, I was companions with someone from the MTC, Sister Russon, and we are pretty similar so it was such a good day of work and fun to be with her and get to know her more. We have already had a few problems with the Sisters that we have had to solve, but I enjoyed doing so and talking to them and having their trust to try to help them through things like homesickness, sickness in family, and not getting along with companions.
It has also been good to get to know my new companion more. Our water only comes on every other night at like midnight, so we have to stay up and fill all of these jugs and buckets of water so that we can shower and wash the dishes and our hands a stuff. Although it is very tiring since we usually end up going to bed at 3 and waking up at 6:30 still, it has been a great opportunity to bond with Sister Acama.
M2 companions

We had interviews with President Maurer on Thursday where he wanted us to share a scripture from The Book of Mormon that has had a lasting impression on our lives. I picked 3 Nephi 19:25 about Jesus smiling as the people prayed. I explained ever since I was very young I have always had a strong testimony about prayer and answered prayers and how when I read this I loved picturing Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father smile at me as I prayed to them. It made our communication much more real. For some reason our interview quickly turned into talking about marriage and I had to remind him that I still have 11 months left so he needed to stop being trunky for me. President Maurer is awesome.
We attended a funeral of a woman that died last year that we had never met and 30 minutes before it started, our Branch President asked me to speak about the last part of Plan of Salvation. I have never spoken at a funeral in my life, especially not in Waray waray and I had never met this women or her family. BUT I accepted because he said there would be less actives and non members attending and it would be a great opportunity to share the message of the Plan of Salvation. It was a mother who died at just 51 and she had 3 older kids who all attended, so I mostly just spoke to them and tried making it so everyone could hear(no mic). It was neat teaching this lesson in such an applicable setting, but I told them that I didn’t l know exactly what it was like to lose a Mother, but that just as my mom is waiting for me in America their mom was waiting for them in Heaven. I bore my testimony about families being together forever and how I knew it was possible but reminded them of the covenants they made when they got baptized and that we need to live the gospel of Jesus Christ in order to do so. I (with tears now in my eyes and theirs) told them that it was hard for both me and my mom to say bye for 1 year and a half and for me to be so far but that we both knew Heavenly Father was there to watch over us and protect us. Similarly He is here to protect and watch over you and your mom in Heaven. There were a handful of non members at the funeral, and they all said that we could come and share more about the gospel with them at their houses this week. I am grateful for my knowledge and testimony of His plan for us.
We had SUCH a fun FHE at the Maato/Delacruz family and they are already one of my favorite families on the mission. They are in the picture.
m2 family
There are two people with baptismal dates coming up in their family and a lot of less actives so we are there all the time. We decided to do an object lesson that I remember doing when I was a young woman at one of our FHE. Where one person in blind folded and they have to get to point B by listening to one person who is speaking softly and telling them the right way while the others are yelling the wrong direction. We chose the tall brother in the middle to be blindfolded and instead of really listening to anyone he used is long leg like one of those sticks blind people have to find his way around. He started going the wrong way though and his wife whispered “ha portahan” and then he know where to go. The loud people telling him the wrong way are all of the temptations and things in the world that usually drown out the still small voice of the Holy Ghost, if we are not listening very carefully for the Holy Ghost , it is almost impossible to stay on the right track. Let us be ever sensitive for that still small voice in our life and try to not let those loud voices and temptations lead us astray.
One last kind of funny story. Yesterday in Gospel Principles, we were talking about the Second Coming and I tuned out for a second and then tuned into “pigtree” someone asked what a “pigtree” was and then someone said “baboy nga tanom” which is the literal translation of “pigtree” in waray waray. Then they looked at me because of course I am AMerican and it is an English word but I told them I had no idea what a pigtree was. My companion then blurted out “FIG tree” not PIG tree”. I forgot that they say their F as P here. hahaha. I really thought we were talking about a pig tree. then they asked what a fig tree was and I told them it was a tree that grows figs. So yeah you can pretty much call me Webster for being such a good dictionary haha.
Sister Prudencio

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