Week 32: Sister Heath, Dead Rats, and Good Lessons

Good Afternoon My Favorite People:)

This week was good! I have a new companion because President wanted to try a week long companionship with Sister Paulino and someone from her stake back home to see if it would make her less homesick or want to stay. Yesterday I heard she is still probably going home.


My new companion is also from the MTC but she was in a different district in the MTC and her name is Sister Heath, like the candy bar. She is from Riverton, Utah and she is nice and easy to be companions with. All week we have been cooking Filipino food for dinner so that we can become master Filipina chefs and it has been DELICIOUS.

One funny story about her: we were walking down one of the long streets in our area and we were eating Halo-Halo. It is kinda like shaved ice but it has corn, beans, and pieces of jello in it. Kinda strange but Sister Paulino got two a day when we were companions so now I am hooked. Anyway, a bee came by my head so I quickly ducked so it would go away so then it started buzzing around Sister Heath’s head and she started trying to avoid but it wouldn’t leave her alone so she started freaking out and wailing her arms around and she threw her Halo-Halo in the air and then her proselyting bag and started running around like a maniac. I was dying laughing on  the street.


Another funny gross story about this week: So I don’t know if I mentioned that we have rats in our house that have eaten my things and are not even shy anymore; they will just run in while we are eating dinner or studying and so last week I bought rat poison cause I was sick of it. We laid the rat poison everywhere and the next morning all of the teabag looking things were gone. So we were happy. The next day we were not happy because one of the rats crawled in a hole in the ceiling and died there and now our apartment smells like dad rat. On Sunday, we came home from church to a very peaceful dead rat on our kitchen floor. So the zone leaders came to get it out. Hopefully that is the end of the rats. Ratatouillie (I have no idea how you spell that) was one of my favorite movies. Now I don’t know if I can watch it without thinking about the dumb rats that we just killed.

3 lessons that I would like to share about:
Flora Dilao, Friends and Word of Wisdom

We started teaching Flora awhile ago and we thought she wasn’t interested because she kind of avoided us, but then one time we were super punted so we decided to go back again and she had read and had lots and lots of questions. So we teach her and a lot of her friends now pretty regularly and they always have the best questions. Last week when we taught again about the Book of Mormon, because thats what we thought we should teach even though it was like the third time, we bore our testimony and she interrupted us and said she was going to cry. This week we taught Word of Wisdom and it was one of the most fun lessons I have ever taught. In the Philippines we have a way of teaching for them to remember the five things that are not allowed. SAKIT means sick in the Philippines and so we teach if people do not want to get SAKIT they cannot S-sigarilyo, A-alak, K– kape, I– igbabawal drogas T– tsaa. those stand for cigarettes, alcohol, coffee, illegal drugs and tea. They were fine with the first two and they were like, (cge padayon or okay continue). then we got to coffee and tea and they all freaked out with all these questions and jokingly said they couldnt be mormon now. But at the end we committed them all to live it after bearing testimony about the promised blessings that come from following the word of wisdom.

Nanay Natividad and Brother Warland
We started teaching them a week ago after Brother(drunk) asked me to marry him and invited us to come “convince him to be mormon”. We found out he just lives with his 88 year old mom and so when he was sober we went and taught them. Nanay is pretty deaf, I would say 50% deaf so we have to yell the lesson at her or repeat ourselves 5 times, but she is so grateful and a really good woman. Last time we taught we asked Nay to say the prayer for us and she started saying it in her head so it was silent for a little because we didn’t know if she was just waiting or what, then we asked her to say it so we could hear and she was silent for another few minutes. After 5 times of asking her to say it aloud, we just said Amen after one of the times. Pretty entertaining.
Discaya Family and Spiritually LowBatt

I have attached a picture with the Discaya Family. The mom is less active and her neighbor is a recent convert and also less active so we teach them every week. Sister is almost coming to church every Sunday now though so I have gotten pretty close to them. Her son, Gilbert, is a 26 year old returned missionary who gets pretty frustrated with his mom when she doesn’t come to church or read the scriptures. He joined our lesson on Thursday and I am so grateful that he did. (Here in the Philippines to text or call, you need to get “Load” which is basically like one of those one the go phones and you pay for calls and texts along the way. If your phone is dead, they say lowbatt. Like low battery except technically it is no battery. ) SO we were following up her scripture reading and she forgot to read again, she always justifies it with that she prays everyday. Gilbert informed us that she is sad because her son who just moved to Manila hasn’t contacted her and so I tried showing her that her not reading the scriptures is like her son not reading all the texts that she is sending him. The Book of Mormon is Heavenly Father’s way of communicating with us and he is so sad when we choose not to read them. THEN Gilbert related the scriptures to a charger, they charge our spirituality and if we stop reading, we are spiritually lowbatt. Prayer is like the load to text and call. If we are not charged by the scriptures, it does not matter if we have load or not. He is awesome and it is true. We need both prayer and scripture study in our lives to be fully charged.
Well, I think that is all for now. Sorry there are a ton of pictures and transfer day is tomorrow so there is a chance that I will be transferred and get another new companion but we will see. Hopefully not, because I love Borongan and these people.


Sister Prudencio
PS: We spend most of the time working in the grave yard that I have a picture with because most of our members and investigators live there. It was creepy at first and sometimes at night but now I am used to it. The two girls in the pictures I accidentally attached twice are two of my favorite girls to work with from the branch. DSCF9336

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