Week 31: President, Apostles, and Borongan Branch

Hello Everyone:)

I got to watch General Conference this weekend and even though I know I am so a week behind, I want to share from it. All my friends told me that conference on the mission is DABEST and they were so right. I wasn’t just pondering and listening for myself, but for all the people that we teach every week. It is incredible how much revelation and inspiration is received when specific questions are in your mind the whole time. I love President Thomas S. Monson and the Apostles and was just reminded how truly blessed we are to have them now. When we teach the message of the Restoration, we teach that for a true church we need 4 things, 1. Prophet 2. Apostles, 3. Priesthood Power, and 4. Revelation. We are able to testify that during the apostacy we did not have all these things but because of Joseph Smith, we have them all now and so we have the true church of Jesus Christ here again on the earth. We got to see all four of those things that make The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints the true church during conference.
The four quotes I want to share follow:
1. If you don’t know where you want to go, it does not matter which path you take. “May we choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong” -President Thomas S. Monson
2. The greater the distance between the giver and the receiver in the church welfare program, the greater the receiver feels entitled. The same principle applies to us and our Heavenly Father. The closer we are to Him, the slower we will be to think that our life isn’t fair. -Elder Dale G. Renlund
3.”The sheep is worthy of divine rescue, simply because it is loved by the Good Shepherd.” – President Dieter F. Uchtdorf
4. “He knows all the things you don’t want anyone else to know about you, and loves you still” -Elder Gerrit G. Gong
I love the Savior and our Heavenly Father and am grateful for the guidance the give President Thomas S. Monson and his apostles and for the Holy Ghost that showed me exactly what I needed to learn and the questions I was searching for during conference.
The Branch was so kind to Sister Paulino and I this week and we had lots of FHE’s and dinner appointments. I am grateful for them and love them all so much.
I hope you all got a chance to watch conference or go back and read the talks and that you too can find answers to the questions and trials you have.
Sister Prudencio

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