Week 28: Zone Conference and Ground Hog Day


This week has been insane in the membrane. Pero ok la kay I know that Heavenly Father was there all week to get me through the days. Sister Paulino is doing a little better with her homesickness so that is a plus. But President Maurer and Sister Maurer came to our zone for Zone Conference and the night before the conference, he asked to have dinner with Sister Paulino and I at the hotel they stayed at. Pretty positive that never or rarely happens so I was pretty nervous. We had a fun time and talked about how it is normal to be homesick and President Maurer made a deal with her that she would stay 1 more month at least and then they could have an interview. The next morning she woke up and decided she couldn’t wait to go home so after the conference had another 2 hour interview with him. It helped for a total of that night and then the next morning she decided she couldn’t wait to see her family. If you have seen the movie ‘Ground Hog Day’, that is pretty much my life right now but with a homesick girl who gets better around 6 every night. But I love her and know she can do it and know she will regret going home so even if ground hog day happens for the next few months, I know she will be stronger and grateful because of this trial if she stays.

At the Zone Conference, they talked all about the Book of Mormon and centralizing our work on The Book of Mormon. It was amazing and I already used their counsel this week and it worked! Anyway, we had to do a role play for using the Book of Mormon in talking ot people on the streets and giving it out instead of the pamphlets, which is the only thing I have ever given out on the streets or on the trikes. Lucky us, we got to practice being the missionaries to President and Sister Maurer. They pretended to be a Filipino couple doing laundry on their front porch as we walked by. I promise I have never had such a hard time speaking English. Sister Maurer said since they have 10 kids, her husband was helping her with the laundry (in the Philippines it is rare for the dad to do the “laba” since they have to wash all their clothes by hands so the mom just does it) Anyway, I wanted to say “your husband is so kind” instead I said “nice your husband” because in Waray they put the description first and then the person or object. So yeah I don’t know how to speak english but that is okay.

A success story from that failure though, was that for the first time in my whole mission( I know that is embarrassing) we were able to place two Book of Mormon copies and we used the pictures in the cover to relate to their families and as soon as we gave them to them, without us even asking, they turned to the title page and started reading! they are excited for us to come back and share more and answer questions:)

Sean, the sweetest and most mature 11 year old boy, passed his baptismal interview and will be baptized this Saturday:) Brother Jaime and Sister Crisnalyn are still working on their marriage but for the first time ever Jaime came to church without Crisnalyn and went to all 3 hours! (because two of their kids were sick) Miracle:) because Crisnalyn has been the one to be an investigator for over a year and go to church and Jaime is kind of a newer investigator. Nanay Mila is still so excited to be baptized on April 2 🙂 I love Borongan and this work.

Please pray for Sister Paulino and her homesickness 🙂

I want to hear from all of you about your lives and stuff. Also I have people telling me about engagements and there are about 3 of my friends getting engaged every week on average. Just it is okay to get engaged but wait until I return exactly 1 year from today 🙂 haha jokes. SERIOUSLY CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF MY FRIENDS WHO HAVE GOTTEN ENGAGED AND ARE TOO BUSY IN LOVE TO TELL ME 🙂 I wish you all the best and am so happy for you.

Love love love,

Sister Prudencio

Pictures: We had a dinner at the District 1st Counselor house, we played volleyball and pool today for Pday and one night we played some Filipino games with these hilarious kids.


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