6 Month Mark: Sister Paulino and Amazing Borongan

Maupay nga aga!

I hope you are all doing well 🙂 I got my new companion on Thursday; Sister Paulino from Ilocos Norte Philippines. She is 19, the youngest in her family, her parents are not members and this is the first time she has been away from home. She is so pretty and she worked a lot with the missionaries before her mission so she knows the lessons pretty well which is good. I am not going to lie though, this is hard. I wish I could explain it in a way that you would all understand what we have gone through the past few days but there is not a good enough way.

She is incredibly homesick and cries a lot. I have never ever thought so little about myself and so much about another person in my life. This is a blessing. We work and work with members so that she can get to know them so that they can become her family. We have a lot of heart to heart talks and since I was really homesick when I first got to the field to, it has been easy to relate to her. I feel so bad and sorry for her everyday and wish I could just say something that would make her stop crying or want to stay, but like me, no one said anything to make my sickness go away, it just took time. I love her and will do everything that I can to help her to fulfill her calling.

Brother Sean is a part member and he is 11. We started visiting him about a month ago and his baptism date is March 26. He is only 11 but he is an amazing 11 year old boy. He cleans the house if he knows we are coming and after we leave and give him an assignment to read from the pamphlet he asks his aunt all about it and asks her a million questions. I love him so much and know that he is going to be an amazing priesthood holder soon. He comes to church every Sunday with a big smile and even though he is shy, he is so excited to get baptized.

We visited Jaime and Crisnallen (our investigators who we are closest to) last week with Sister Davis and taught about marriage. Crisnallen has been an investigator for a long time and Jaime recently started listening but they are not married yet because they can’t afford it and the kids are always in the hospital. They have three of the cutest children I have ever seen. Here is a picture of them with Nanay Mila who will be baptized April 2 🙂

We taught about marriage and I felt inspired to ask Jaime why marriage was even important and why God wants us to be married. He paused and finally said, “diri ak maaram, Kay ano importante it kasal?” or “i dont know. why is marriage important?” We realized then why they haven’t gotten married. We bore our testimonies on the blessings of families and the temple and being together forever. They are so excited to be sealed in the temple forever. We went back with Sister Paulino and taught temples again and told them that we know they can get married by and recommitted them to a baptismal date of April 16. They all came to church on Sunday and it was incredible 🙂


We also went to a new investigator who had a baptismal date with former investigators about two years ago. We taught the gospel of Jesus Christ and I asked about sister’s baptismal date. Sister Davis and I thought it was the missionaries who just stopped visiting them so they stopped going to church. She admitted she is offended because after one of the big typhoons here. I started with the approach of trying to explain why and that members are priority. But she just kept saying that she is shy and offended and feels like she should’ve gotten supplies. There was a longish awkward pause because I didn’t know what else to say, and Sister Paulino can’t understand them yet. I prayed in my heart to know what to say and all of a sudden I remembered something that my MTC teachers said they sometimes they used for offended people. I said, we are here as representatives of Jesus Christ, with His name on our name tag, we want to ask for your forgiveness on behalf of Him and the members of the church. And she smiled and started crying and said that is all I have been waiting for, an apology. I am grateful for the Holy Ghost.

I love and appreciate this work and being a missionary more this week than usual and I am so thankful for this calling. People in the Philippines are incredible people.

I am excited to see how much good Sister Paulino does here in the mission and how much she is going to help the people that I already love and know she will grow to love.

Sister Prudencio


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