Week 22: Beautiful Borongan

Maupay nga Kulop!

This week was amazing and I am so excited to share some of the amazing experiences with all of you so you better be excited too 😉 First of all, we explored a lot of our area and it is BEAUTIFUL. Here, their city slogan is  ‘Baysay Borongan’ which means beautiful Borongan. I have attached pictures to defend their slogan. (sorry there are a lot)

One of our areas requires that we cross this river on a cute boat and the place on the other side (Surok) is absolutely gorgeous. That is where most of the pictures were taken.
And one lady started walking with us and basically offered to give us a tour of the town(because that’s how nice Filipinos are) and we talked to her about the church and she has a member brother in Manila and so we are going to come back and teach her and a lot of her friends that seem to just chill all day everyday. On the mission, I have found that I love people who just chill because being busy is Satan’s way of not allowing us to teach them. I hate the word busy now haha. I think I mentioned in my last email that when I got here, we didn’t have a lot of investigators to teach they were mostly focusing on the Branch, which is so important but we decided to look at our area book for past investigators and if they didn’t have a reason that was left for why the missionaries stopped teaching them or it had been long enough, we were going to find them and teach a short plan of salvation lesson. SOOO we taught the plan of salvation a lot this week and got 15 new investigators! Grabi. Amazing. And a few of them are already so interested(again). A big typhoon hit here a year or so ago and the missionaries were pulled out so that is the reason (we found out) for most of them not being taught anymore. So many miracles especially since we are two Americans who still have broken Waray Waray but it just goes to show that the Spirit is the teacher for sure. I already love them all so much and am so excited to teach them again this week.

One family that has a baptism date already but are just waiting to get married (and it will hopefully be this month) Jaime and Chrisnalyn, we visit a lot and they are so fun and cute and feed us dinner every time we visit, even though they have no money. It is Filipino culture and it breaks my heart every time but there is no saying no and they will do it even if we refuse. Anyway, we visited them with one of our branch missionaries who is also one of our recent converts. She is my sister now and her name is Marian. She is tad bit special but only a tad (mostly just socially) so she just does what she wants and doesn’t care what people think and that is why I love her and she is my best friend now. During lessons she would just get up leave and come back with crackers because she is always hungry. Another thing about her is that she might as well be completely deaf(not just tone deaf) for how she sings. Bless her heart and I honestly love her to death but she legitimately has the worst voice ever. We were opening our lesson ans she chose “I Know That MY Redeemer Lives” and sang it louder and at a higher pitch than usual and Jaime(the husband) couldn’t help it so he starts laughing and then I started laughing and then Sister Davis couldn’t hold it back and we were all silently laughing and crying and MArian(because she is amazing) just kept singing. Basically a solo. Made my week. ANYWAY. They had a lot of questions about The Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith during that lesson so we decided to have an FHE with them and watch the Restoration so I made a banana float for us since it is Jaime’s favorite and we watched it with their three adorable children. They said that they understood it a lot better and would pray about it again to make sure. I love their family.

Speaking of making food. We had a branch missionary activity this morning at 6 and I got volunteered to make 45 scrambled eggs with,instead of bacon in them, hot dogs, so I woke up at 4 this morning and made the most eggs that I ever want to see at one time again with chopped up hot dog so I am pretty tired which explains anything in this letter that is out of the ordinary or doesn’t make sense.
The elders in our ward had a baptism on Saturday and the water was off or not working in the church so we did a ocean baptism! AHH it was so cool and so I attached pictures because it was beautiful (word of the email).

I love love love all of you and I love love love Borongan. Please continue to update me on your lives and I hope you all have an amazing week and Valentines Day 🙂

Sister Prudencio

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