Week 21: New Area. New Language. Old Companion

HELLLOOO mga Mahusay ngan mga Guapo:) (beautiful and handsome people)

So. Crazy crazy crazy week. I ended up being transferred out of Catarman on Tuesday and when I found out on Monday, I was heart broken. We thought for sure that my trainer would be the one transferred because usually the trainee stays and is followed up in their area.

So my Zone Leader called me Monday evening and told me that my new companion was Sister Davis. Since he has an accent and since Sister Davis was my MTC companion just 12 weeks ago, I had him repeat her name three times and then spell it three times because I didn’t believe him. But sure enough my new companion is Sister Davis, my MTC companion and I was transferred to her first area, Borongan. But I will tell more about that later in the email. So that Monday night, it was pouring rain and we went and said bye to as many people as we could. We stopped by the Stake President’s house because I got really close with him and the whole family and President Pedrola as soon as we got there and told him said “diri pwede, we won’t allow it” and told me to make sure to request going back to Catarman for my last area because apparently that has happened before and President Maurer allowed him to. Then we went to Nay Mila who is so so so close to getting married and then baptized. She gave us presents and cried and cried which made me hysterical and I couldn’t stop crying. When I tried saying bye to David(the cute little boy) he wouldn’t say bye and Nay told us that the night before that he was crying cause he didn’t want us to leave. I didn’t sleep much that night thinking about everything that was about to change in my life in the mission.

So Tuesday morning we got up at 6 because I had to be at the van station thing at 7:30. They got rid of transfer meeting(for those who have been on missions) so now we go directly to our new area. So I traveled 6 hours alone to my new area, which was weird since it was the first time I had been alone without any other missionaries in 5 months. But the drive was BEAUTIFUL talaga. If I didn’t know better I could have been driving through the Amazon Rain Forest or the Puerto Rico rain forest. Such a beautiful drive.

So now my new companion is Sister Davis and we are two Americans who have been in the Philippines for less than three months and the struggle is kinda real. We are following each other up and it is difficult and weird because the only thing we know is what our trainers have taught us so we are learning how to compromise but it is such a humbling and learning experience. AND we are learning to rely on the Lord and the spiritual gifts that we need to do this work. I love her and it is fun and nice to have an American companion and talk about American things and tell American jokes.
ANOTHER THING. Here in Borongan they speak Waray Waray-H which is a very different language than the one that I spent the last 12 weeks learning and it was very hard the first day to deal with that fact. But the gift of tongues has been real. We go to lessons and they speak complete Waray H or Tagalog and we are able to understand them and communicate and teach with the Holy Ghost as our guide and it is literally a miracle.

So now I am in Borongan and it is very different than Catarman. Catarman has a very strong stake and ward. Borongan is the first Branch I have ever been a member of and the contrast is stark. But everyone is still so nice and they are still humble and happy Filipinos and the branch has been so welcoming. It is gorgeous here as well and I will send pretty pictures next week, I promise.

I love you all and even though this week has been hard to say bye to so many people that I love, I know this will be one thing that I can look back and see how much I learned from it.

Be safe and stay mahusay o guapo!

Sister Prudencio

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