Half Way There

Half way though the Provo MTC and I am still alive, barely. (I finally caught the MTC virus and was kinda sick this week but I am all better now) 🙂
I hope everyone enjoyed conference as much as I did; my two paburito talks were Elder Uchtdorf’s Saturday morning talk about simplifying our gospel and approach to discipleship and Elder Nelson’s talk Sunday morning about women being distinct, confident and charitable. Elder Nelson’s talk made me want to be and proud to be a member of the church and a woman who has the potential to be different and make a difference in this world. Although I paid more attention to this general conference than any other, it was because we sat in bleacher chairs for all 10 hours of conference…. DILI MAAYO (no good). But really a huge thing that I got out of conference and Tuesday night devotion was that we need to not take our living prophet and apostles for granted. When President Thomas S. Monson struggled to finish bearing his testimony at the end I think everyone watching was on the edge of their seats, like Elder Uchtdorf was on the stand waiting to catch him if he fell.  I grew up in the church so I have been lucky enough to always know about and have a prophet that I “listened” to twice a year but usually while doing homework or a word search that the primary gave me. I am guilty of taking the prophet for granted and President Monson struggling was a wake up call from Heavenly Father. Do we realize how lucky we are to have him? The General Relief Society President, Linda K. Burton, at the devotional said “If we knew how much the prophet loves each one of us, we would never want to do anything bad”. HOW PAGAUM (powerful). The same principle applies to if we truly understood how much  Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love us, we would just want to do what they say and what they want from us ALL THE TIME! I cannot wait to hear from them all again from the Philippines.
Sunday Night Devotional was a treat. Vocal Point came and sang to us!! and we got to go up and say hi to them at the end and one of them knew me somehow, but we couldn’t figure out where from. So there’s my claim to fame. Super cool I know. 😉
Remember the cardio class from last week? This isn’t it. This was much better!
Lots of laughs this week like usual but over little pranks or my companion saying the wrong words in lessons. Little pranks include: locking my roommate out when she broke the rules and went to take a shower in just a small towel, then towel whipping her in the hall; throwing wet paper towels, cold water, etc at my roommates while they are showering or going to the bathroom,  just the most mature pranks you can think of you know.
Funny things said examples need to be preceded with an explanation. So of course I know the words for poop, butt, and I am going to poo already and while my kauban and I are doing language practice I will start out serious and then throw one of these words in our conversation (libong, lubot, kalibongan, and halok is kiss). Door pranksSo while we were in one of our lessons, I started saying “when can we..” forgetting the word for come back so Sister Davis jumped in to try to help me and first said halok which means kiss then corrected herself by saying libong which means poop. Sooo we ended our lesson with Sister Davis asking our investigator both when we could kiss and when we could poo….you can just imagine how hard I laughed for a long time.
Love the weekly visits to the temple!
Love the weekly visits to the temple!
Oh one more kinda funny story. We sat by the MTC Mission President one night at dinner and there were a group of(obviously 18 year old) elders on the other side. Out of all the things they could have discussed with them, one of them decides to ask the MTC President how to avoid the temptation of all the pretty girls and not think about them in that way… he says(direct quote) ” I mean it is getting a little easier but when I first got here, like DANG, these girls are fine”…TO THE PRESIDENT! I\I could not believe it haha.
Today I played sand and court volleyball for wayyy too long but it was just the break I needed at the half way point to prepare to study Cebuano and the gospel for the next week:)
Being an STL was rough this week, we had a lot of tears from girls being accused of dumb things and we had a lot a lot of meetings to try to settle things and mend hurt feelings. I learned a lot about being a leader and a lot about girls so it was a good learning experience; not the best experience for the girls going through it though.
Last spiritual thought: This week I am “ponderizing” D+C 123:17 that reads:
 “Therefore, dearly beloved brethren, let us cheerfully do all things that lie in our power; and then may we stand still, with the utmost assurance, to see the salvation of God, and for his arm to be revealed.”
How perfect of a scripture for my entire mission and even to apply in our lives. I need to CHEERFULLY, not grudgingly, not miserably, but cheerfully do everything that I can and then wait and have faith, UTMOST ASSURANCE, that Heavenly Father will help and look for his hand in/arm in all things. I am going to do everything I can to help and bring others unto Christ in the Philippines and then trust God with their salvation and trust the Holy Ghost to guide their hearts.
To add on to the cheerful theme of this week, Elder Uchtdrof in the women’s session quoted the lady from his story saying, (not exact probably) “There are so many things that go wrong in life that it is too easy to dig yourself into a pit of pessimism and mess of melancholy”. So MORAL: Look for the things to be happy for!! What a better way to live, even if it takes a little more work.
Magsulat sa ako palihog ug magsulat ko sa imo!! I miss you all and please remember to do everything you can cheerfully and look for the good in life.
Uban tanan akong gugma,
Sista P, Prudie, or Prudencio
These are the names I answer to here at the MTC. Sista Prudie is my favorite cause it sounds like pretty 😉

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