Kumusta from Day 2 in the MTC

Kumusta Everyone!!!!

I love the mission already and the MTC is such an amazing and fun place, honest. I can see the Y on the mountain from my room which is kinda weird, but I am just grateful that I don’t have to hike it for another few years.

Just a few housekeeping things:

  • My P day is on Friday, so that is when I can respond to and write emails and letters.
  • You can write an email through dearelder.com that will get to me that same day and this is the information you need once you get on there:

    Name: Sierra Ashley Prudencio
    Mission: Philippines Tacloban (PHI-TAC)
    Unit #: 202
    Departure Date: November 4, 2015

I can respond to these every Friday 🙂 

Anyway, there was no time when I got here to dwell on the fact that I will not see any of you for 18 months and that is a good thing because I miss everyone already!

My MTC Companion Sister Davis
My MTC Companion Sister Davis

My companion is awesome; her name is Sister Davis and she is from Park City. We have pretty much nothing in common except for our sense of humor and sarcasm, which we are both trying to work on. Wish me luck with that…

My district or classroom is my favorite. My teacher is so sweet and funny (Jerm and Cad it’s Sister Henshaw, the one that was in your ward). Yesterday we all spent two hours learning how to pray and say all the pronouns in Cebuano and now I can do both which is so exciting!! The gift of tongues is a real thing.

My new language!
My new language!

Cebuano is not a ton like Spanish but there are a lot of words that are the same, so that has been an advantage because as everyone knows, I am fluent in Spanish. 😉 But in Cebuano numbers are the same, trabaho means work, puede means can, para means for, amigo means friend, etc, infinity etc. So that has helped somewhat.  I already love the language and I am so excited to learn it. Tomorrow we have to teach our first “investigator” who only speaks Cebuano!!! Sister Davis and I have been praying a lot for the Spirit and the gift of tongues because we will need it.

The District

There are only three 18 year old boys and two 19 year old girls out of the 10 of us so I don’t feel as ancient as I thought I would. The 18 year old boys are hilarious, but if I tried telling a story to explain why I know it would end up like usual where no one is laughing but me so you guys just had to be there unfortunately (maybe I will tell the story upon request).

This morning at 8 we went to the temple and we had the opportunity to be with a boy in our district who was going through for the first time and he is from Micronesia, unfortunately we did not make it to the temple on time so we had to go to a later session. He does not speak English and now he has to learn Cebuano and English! That would be so hard.

Every one of my meetings and classes for the past two days have been about my purpose as a missionary. Usually that would bother me with its redundancy, but I have needed that and I learn something new with each class. I know that it will be necessary to see people through the Lord’s eyes when teaching and looking for people to tudlo (teach).

Class time!
Class time!

I know that I am here to bring people unto Christ. And lastly I know that the Spirit or Holy Ghost is what changes hearts and teaches people, and without it it doesn’t really matter what words are coming out of my mouth.

In my Branch meeting last night, we met out Branch presidency and let me tell you that my Branch president is kind of intense. It will probably be good, but for now it is just scary. He did, however, start off talking about Ether 12:27 which is the verse I chose for my missionary plaque because I love it and it reads:

“And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them.”

He then said something that he had heard once which is one of my new favorite quotes which is:

Humility is not thinking less of yourself, humility is thinking of yourself less.

I love that and I think it is so applicable for my mission.

My 1st P Day!
My 1st P Day!

Today, even though my Branch presidency warned against it due to injuries, I get to play volleyball!! 🙂


My roommates in the MTC

Welp, it has only been three days and that was a long email so I will have to consolidate for next Friday. My roommates already feel like my sisters and not just because it says so on their name tag. And my district already feels like my family.


My new apartment!
My new apartment!

I love this gospel and each day it gets easier to think about being away for so long because I know that there are people in the Philippines that want to hear the gospel and just don’t know where to find it.

I hope you are all maayo! (good)


Sister Prudencio


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