18 Months: Lots of Tears

Good Afternoon 🙂

Mar24 Yoga
As my mom just put it in her last email, it has been a roller coaster of emotions this past week. I think I have already said that transfers was the hardest part of my mission; correction: going home is the hardest part of a mission.
Mar24 Peace
It’s been a long week of goodbyes and realizing that I am about to be done with the best job in the whole world. That I will no longer be able to go into these houses anymore and have people open up about their problems and I won’t be able to share with them about the amazing Plan of our Heavenly Father and on and on and on.
Mar24 Family
Mar24 Gang
Yesterday our stake president surprised me and sacrament meeting had  me give a talk and then in MCM they had me bear my testimony, and then they had a farewell devotional for me and made me bear my testimony again…i think they all just enjoy seeing me cry in front of lots of people. waray klaro.
Mar24 Group
Mar24 child
I shared how Heavenly Father has been so good to me and blessed me with the gift of charity since I have been praying for it everyday since I opened my mission call and how I love them all and this is my home now and how I wish I could solve all their problems for them and take away the hurt and the sadness but that even though I can’t, Jesus Christ can.
Mar24 kids
I told them how they are all much stronger than me and how if i were in their shoes I don’t think I could endure and handle the trials that they are faced with.
Mar24 treat
I love this place. I can’t say enough how much I love this work, these people, and Heavenly Father’s gospel. I will email once more next week I think.
Mar24 girls
Mar24 Gang
I love you and don’t get me wrong; I am excited to see you all back in America 🙂
Mar24 marsh
Sister Prudencio
Mar24 Sister
Mar24 Duo
Mar24 Sisters
Mar24 Tree

Week 79: LOVE and Beverly’s Baptism

Maupay na Kulop 🙂

Mar10 SiSi
I know that it is not even February anymore but that is the only word I could think of as I tried to think of a subject line to summarize this week.
Mar10 waterfall
I don’t mean to sound cliche pero I love these people more than I ever imagined I could love them. I love them like I love my family and that is what has driven me to give everything that I could give for them for the past 18 months. I can’t imagine serving anywhere else or getting to teach any other kind of people. I am biased but Filipinos are the best. I wish you could all have a chance live here and love them and get to know them because I can’t do it justice with words in describing them. They just know how to love and find joy in any circumstance.
Mar10 group
President Maurer asked me last week to go to Mission Leadership Council(even though I am not an STL anymore) and to give an hour training to “try to explain how having enthusiasm and attitude for this work really does bring results…and joy and satisfaction…and help leaders to enthuse other missionaries to be “actively” involved in the work…and make success happen.” He then asked me to give tips on the things that I have learned on my mission. I felt so inadequate and nervous to give such a training. I prayed and fasted and worked on it for a week to make sure the Spirit could teach the right things and guide me to the right things to say to the leaders of Tacloban Mission…Heavenly Father did not let me down…again. The Spirit was so strong, that even I learned things from what He put in my mouth to say. Anyways, I focused on LOVE. I did a role play of how to show love to the missionaries that they are leaders over and the Sister that I called on, Sister Portin, started crying in the middle of the role play and when I ashed her how she felt after, all she said was “loved”. I talked about how we need to not only show our love to those missionaries but equally as important to the people that we teach everyday, to our investigators. That we need to help them feel loved, important, and to see their potential. I am sharing this because I realized that is not just the “secret” to missionary work…it is the way to enjoy life. We all need to love whoever is around to be loved and help others to see their potential and worth here in this life. One of the things the Spirit led me to say was, “You often see more in your investigators than they see in themselves; tell them what you see and help them to realize and live up to their potential” and “Whomever you are speaking to should feel like the most important person to you at that moment”. The 10 commandments all stem from that very thing..LOVE. I am excited to love when I get home and show it. I would just hope that we all try to do the same in our daily activities. Love others. It’s that simple.
Mar 10 Sis Beverly
I love Sister Beverly. Sister Beverly was baptized on Saturday 🙂 She bore her testimony that she knows that this is the true church and thanked Joseph Smith for restoring it and that she could be baptized and cleaned. She already has so many friends at the church and is excited to serve a mission:) We are so happy for her and also the influence she will have on her family.
Mar10 sisters
I love Brother Jason. Brother Jason(Gamay) is someone that I have mentioned a few times in the past few weeks. He is so unique and is like a little brother to me now. The other day he was standing on the side of the road and he saw us drive by and he clapped and smiled that big smile you see in his pictures. We went and taught a new investigator(one Jason has never met) and just as we were about to close, Jason shows up. We asked how he found us and he had ran all the way from his house to find us so he could join us. We were playing a hand shake game that everyone in the Philippines seems to know goes, “Nanay, Tatay, gusto ko tinapay, ate kuya gusto ko kape…” Which means ” mom dad I want bread, older brother older sister, i want coffee.” I stopped as he said coffee and said what do you want? since we have already taught him Word of Wisdom and he said coffee and I asked,jokingly, is that allowed? and he said no it isn’t. So we started over and he said said coffee again so I said WHAT? and he started laughing and he said okay lets start over. Let he said “nanay tatay gusto ko tinapay, ate kuya gusto ko gatas” and then we started laughing a lot because gatas means milk. Those are just a few stories to help you understand his personality some more.
On Sunday he was supposed to get interviewed for his baptism this coming week but he didn’t come. Brother Ian, Jason’s mentor best friend and roommate, told us that his family came by the other day and made Jason come home and he needs to live with them again. I have already explained Jason’s family how they beat him and didnt enroll him in school and never threw him a birthday party. Sister Osma and I were so worried all through church and cried most of the time because of our worries. He had just told us the other day that he was never going to move back home because they wouldn’t let him go to the true church. Our hearts broke for him.
We went and visited his family after church and after a month of Jason not drinking and knowing it was wrong, his dad gave him alcohol and he got drunk before we got there. I have never seen brother Jason like that; he was like a drunk missionary because he made everyone sit down and started teaching us every single thing we had tuaght him over the last month and kept saying he wanted to go around helping people by teaching the gospel but it wasn’t Brother Jason. We sat down and talked with his dad who just wants Jason to help him out around the house and farm and he is letting Jason get baptized and “become a Mormon” but Jason has to live there. With a dad that lets him drink and that beats him really bad when he is drunk.
We still don’t know what we are going to do about it. We are just praying and fasting at this point that his dad will let him live with Ian again.

Mar10 BBall
I love Sister Jennifer. Sister Jennifer is Joan’s older sister and has been an investigator for almost 5 years now. She is 23 years old now and her whole family got baptized except for her. For those 5 years, she jsut let missionaries come and teach her but she never went to church or read the Book of Mormon. Sister Jennifer had a mighty change of heart and now she is reading every day and she comes to church every Sunday even if her sisters in law(who are also investigators) don’t come with her. She is excited to get baptized now and her family is also so so so happy.

Mar10 Love

Mar 10 elders
I love Sister Precious. Sister Precious is a new investigator that we found a few weeks ago. She is 28 and has 4 kids. We weren’t able to get back to her house for awhile. When we finally returned, she said, “Sisters I have been praying that you would come back and I see you walk by my house all the time hoping you will visit me”. Her mom who she is so close to is in the hospital and she cried to us and begged us to pray for her and help her to know what she should do because her mom is kind of far from her. We all cried together as we shared about eternal families and the Atonement. Just the other day, we randomly saw her in downtown and she had just come from the hospital. The doctors say her mom isn’t getting any better and might not have that long to live. She told us that if we hadn’t visited her the other day and shared to her that she could still see her mom and have fun with her and make memories with her after this life, she would be a wreck right now and so sad but not that she knows she can see her again, she isn’t that sad and she is content with the fact that maybe this is just God’s plan.
Mar10 pday2
Earlier, we went hiking and then to water falls and then we got buko or silot again:) It was the best, last P-day a Sister could ask for and I love the people here in San Juanico Ward. Even Sister Jessa(who we had an FHE with last night) came!! She was just baptized and not a youth like the rest of the people who came but she really enjoyed herself.
Mar10 pday
Lastly but not least, I love you all. SO MUCH. And even though it will break my heart in a few weeks to leave this place and these people…I know that I have all of you to see and love back home.
Mar10 Jungle
Sister Prudencio
Mar10 waterfall2

Week 78: Celebrating 23 Years of Life in the Philippines

mar5 sierra

Okay – not that I’ve lived for 23 years in the Philippines. But I’ve lived for 23 years and I am celebrating in the Philippines.

mar5 laugh

People were so good to me on my 23 birthday this week. I love them and all of you of course. Thank you for the birthday wishes!!
mar5 balloon
It started off on Tuesday we went to a nicer restaurant(me and the Sisters that I live with) And even though they don’t usually do it, the crew there sang happy birthday and gave me a little leche flan with a candle. It was really sweet.
Mar5 Bday Dinner
Then on my birthday(Thursday – March 2). Everything was just like any other day in the morning, I woke up and got ready and we went out to work and I was okay with it. Then we got home around noon from work and I thought Sister Osma and I were the first ones home since the door was closed but on the door was a lollipop with a note…
mar5 gifts
and when I opened the door they (my roommates) started singing happy birthday and they surprised me with a banner they made, cake, ice cream, my favorite meal,…
mar5 party
AND they sent me on a scavenger hunt around the house with those lollipops and notes to my present 🙂
mar5 names
I was not expecting it at all and I am so blessed that they are my roommates because they made my birthday special.
mar5 cake
Thursday night we went back to brother Ian’s or the Gonzales families’ house and got some more silot and Ian baked me a cake and everyone got me a present or made me a cool card
mar5 gitbags
and we had coconut shakes and dinner and an FHE. The ward is so sweet to me and made my 23rd birthday one that I will not forgot.
mar5 dinner
mar5 partycrew
When I got home that night, we had a sleepover on the rooftop 🙂
mar5 companions
All the stars were out and the temperature was perfect and we ate snacks and talked and played games.
Mar5 hats
You can be assured that my 23rd was a success 🙂
mar5 church
Brother Jose Palacio has had a change of heart and wants to get baptized and is coming to church now!! Jose is Jessa’s husband. We visited them the other night and Jessa said that she came home crying because her work was too demanding and she couldn’t be there for her kids and she is never home when we go to visit so she quit her job and Brother said “I realize that I am the one that needs to change and is getting in the way of blessings coming to him(like a job) so he is always excited when we come and he doesn’t hide anymore and they all came to church on Sunday 🙂 Sister Osma and I were so happy. Even though I won’t be her anymore to see him be baptized, I am thrilled for them to be able to go to the temple in a little over a year and be sealed as a family and hopefully I can attend that.
mar5 relay
Sister Beverly Balais is 16 years old and we have been teaching her for a few months now. Her older sister is a member and that is how we started teaching Beverly. She is amazing and even though she only went to school til grade 3, she is smart and is excited to be baptized next week. Last week we asked why she wants to be baptized and she said because the LDS church is better than the rest of the others and when we asked why, she said just the other ones are no good. She also has born her testimony to us multiple times that she knows this is the true church and she is excited to serve a mission in a few years 🙂 We are excited for her baptism on Saturday.
I love you all. Stay happy and choose the right.
Sister Prudencio
mar5 meadowmar5 forestmar5 trees


I am so happy so I hope you are all happy as well.
Samuel Barrantes Sr and Jr were baptized on Saturday and it was a beautiful service 🙂
Samuel Sr. bore his testimony about how when we first found him and started to teach him he didn’t understand why he needed to join a church or why we were saying that this is the true church but now he understands and he knows that he was baptized and is now a member of the only true church.
He talked about how he is grateful to be a part of the family and that his son could also be baptized and he will do everything that he can to make sure that they both continue to learn everything they need to know. As we sang”Do What is RIght”(one of his favorite hymns) in Waray Waray, he cried the whole time. I am so excited to see what Heavenly Father will do with him in strengthening the church here in the Philippines.
When we went to visit him after, he got worried and said but of course I don’t know everything yet because I am just new and we assured him that we were not going to stop visiting him but continue to visit him so we can learn from him and be strengthened by him as well. I love Sam Squared 🙂
After the baptism we had a celebration with the ward missionaries and we ate SILOT
It is that green thing and I don’t know what it is called in English.
I think it is an unripened coconut..i am not sure. But it is delicious and brother Jason got them for us.
We had to walk through muddy rice fields in rain boots and our church clothes. It was a lot of fun. Next week they are teaching me how to climb the coconut tree s:)
Which brings me to this morning where I climbed a mini coconut tree..not to the top.The Sisters that I live with and I went to a park by the big stadium here in Tacloban to watch the sunrise.
We did not get up early enough though so we saw the sun after it had risen..but it was still beautiful 🙂
Also on Sunday, the three sisters (investigators)
that I have a picture with and their babies all came to church:) We teach them twice a week and this was the first time they have been able to come to church since 2013. They loved it and said they are excited to come to church next week.
Sorry I have lots of pictures this week but not a lot of words. Pictures speak 1000 words. so thats over a million words..i think.
I miss you all and hope that you are all finding the joy that this life has to offer!!
Sister Prudencio

Week 76: PALACIO Baptism


Before I forget: Just so everyone is aware; I will fly home March 29th and my homecoming talk is on April 9. Contact my home if you want more information. That’s all 🙂
We had a good Valentines Day. I made mango float for our district meeting and then we had a sisters date to an italian restaurant which was delicious.
This week was so so good. The Palacio family was baptized and their testimonies were incredible. Sister Osma and I sang a musical number and I translated “Families Can be Together Forever” into Waray Waray since it is their favorite song. Sister Jessa went first and she cried through the entire thing saying how she was sad that her husband couldn’t be baptized with them today but she knows that he will soon so they can go to the temple and be sealed forever.
She talked about knowing this is the true church and never leaving it and also knowing that Heavenly Father never leaves us alone. She is amazing. Hershey, her 11 year old daughter, was next. Last week when she was interviewed she told the Zone Leaders she wants to serve a mission and she wants to go to the temple with her family. She is already sharing about the Book of Mormon and restoration at school. She is incredible. Her testimony was like she is a 20 year old who has been a member her whole life. She testified about Joseph Smith restoring this church and Prophet Thomas S. Monson being a true prophet and the Book of Mormon and everything. She is going to be a fantastic missionary in 8 years.
Harold, age 9, followed and he is super shy so he quickly talked about how he is grateful that he was baptized. I love this gospel and I love that the Palacio family has entered the strait and narrow. Now Brother will follow:)
Brother Samuel and SamSam will be baptized on Saturday and when we visited Samuel on Saturday, his testimony was so strong and he is so changed. He (and I) teared up as he talked about how when I first met him he told us that he is far from Heavenly Father and he wants to grow closer and now he feels so happy all the time and feels closer to Him and instead of saying I am happy to join this church he kept on saying family 🙂  He is ready. Then on Sunday he kept on thanking us for finding him and teaching him the truth so he knows how to feel closer to Heavenly Father.
Sister Osma had a hard time the other night and said she didn’t feel like herself and she felt like she wanted to give up. Just a few days ago I read Helaman 6 about Lucifer. And I remembered one time when my seminary teacher talked about how much he hated Satan and he spoke of him like he had met him and it was the first time I heard someone talk about him with that much hatred to the point of tears and I remember thinking that I want to get to that point where I hate him that bad. When I was reading all of Alma and Helaman(which is super cool and I love the war chapters cause it is like the best war book you could ever read) I realized how real Satan is and how easy it is for him to get hold of the hearts of men. I started to cry as well out of hatred for the creature that has not only led the hearts of men in the Book of Mormon to forget the Lord but also so many times I have seen him in my own life and in the lives of investigators. I hate Lucifer. I told Sister Osma that she was right and it wasn’t her having those thoughts; it was Lucifer. Then I was reminded of Joseph Smith and how Satan tried the hardest to stop him in his prayer and if he would have stopped, we might not have the true church here right now. So we must never give up too. I read this article and it is amazing. So I will share it:
Rather, for Joseph and his family, there was a wildly meandering trail of sorrow marked with bad luck, ill health, poor judgment, natural disaster, crushing pain, callous injustice, continuing obscurity, and unrelenting poverty. This is not to suggest that the Smith family lived in one continual round of abject misery; they did not. But the path to Palmyra was anything other than direct, prosperous, and publicly notable. Lame, limp, and bloodied, the Prophet literally had to be carried to his unparalleled rendezvous with destiny by a nameless stranger.
Remember this as perhaps the first lesson of Joseph’s life and the coming forth of the Book of Mormon. In spite of failure, mishap, and bitter opposition—and in many cases precisely because of those things—Joseph Smith got exactly where he needed to be to fulfill his mission. So, if now or on some future day, you look around and see that other perhaps less-devoted acquaintances are succeeding in their jobs when you just lost yours; if major illness puts you on your back just at the moment critical tasks of service seem to come calling; if a call to a prominent position goes to someone else; if a missionary companion seems to learn the language faster; if well-meaning efforts still somehow lead to disaster with a fellow ward member, a neighbor, or an investigator; if news from home brings word of financial setback or mortal tragedy you can do nothing about; or if, day after day, you simply feel like a bland and beaten background player in a gospel drama that really seems made for the happiness of others, just know this: many such things were the lot of Joseph Smith himself at the very moment he was being led to the stage of the single most transcendent thing to happen on this earth since the events of Golgotha and the Garden Tomb nearly 2,000 years earlier.
“But,” you may say, “my life and earthly destiny will never be like that of the Prophet Joseph.”
That probably is true. But it is also true that your lives do matter to God, and your eternal potential and that of every soul you will meet is no less grand and significant than that of the Prophet Joseph himself. Thus, just like our beloved Joseph, you must never give up, give in, or give out when life in general, or missionary work in particular, gets utterly painful, confusing, or dull. Rather, as Paul teaches, you must see that “all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose” (Romans 8:28; emphasis added).
Just as He did with young Joseph Smith, God is shaping and directing you every single day to ends more glorious than you can know!
Please never give up. No matter what the trial is. I love you all and I can’t wait to hear about how you are all doing.
(me with Elder Wilson)
Sister Prudencio

Month 17: Brother Gamay and KIDS


I hope you all have lots of plans for hearts day. Sending all the hearts I can for all those without a forever yet. Jokes.
First off, 15 people that i love that aren’t yet members were able to come to church yesterday and it made our week 🙂
ALSO the Palacio family will be baptized next week, and hopefully the father will be baptized next month. He still has preparation he needs to do. WE ARE SO EXCITED FOR THEIR BAPTISM 🙂
It was Sister Joan’s birthday this week and so Sister Osma and I bought a cake and presents for her and we had a simple birthday party. She works with us almost every day and is now one of our best friends here in San Juanico ward.
Now I would love to introduce Brother Gamay. His real name is Jason but his nickname is “gamay” which means small in Cebuano.
He is so unique and my new favorite person. We met him last week because he is working with some members and Brother Samuel. He came to church the next day with them and was…different. We found out that he has never been to school, not even kindergarten so he doesn’t know how to read, write, count, anything. He is 20 yrs old and we asked him what he does all day and he said he just sits around the house. We told him his life is boring and we would help him to have a more fun life and to read and write and count. He came to Joan’s birthday party and that is where we found out that he doesn’t know when his birthday is because he has never had a birthday party and no one has ever sang “happy birthday” to him.
His parents just kind of neglected him. He still thinks and acts like a child. So we decided to throw him his first birthday party, at age 20, on Saturday. I have never seen a bigger smile and he is excited to be baptized in March. Brother Jason is an amazing person with an unfortunate story. I love meeting people like him here on the mission and I can’t wait for him to start school next year(he will start from kinder) so that he can learn to read and write and count and can live up to his potential. Right now, the Gonzalez family is helping him to realize his worth as well.
 I have also attached a picture of Sister Jocelyn and her boyfriend. I wrote about her a few weeks ago. She has a crazy story as well. We are working on getting them married so that she can be baptized because she wants her sins to be washed away and start over again.
I LOVE THE PHILIPPINES because I love the people. They are my favorite part hands down about this mission. Everyone keeps telling me I am close to going home but it isn’t true. I am close to leaving home. This place is home now. All of you who haven’t gotten your call yet, pray to go to the Philippines.
I know that this is the true church. I know the Book of Mormon changes lives. Read it.
LOVE LOVE LOVE (kay valentines day now)

Week 74: Brother Samuel and 600 Steps

Happy February!

I hope you all had a good time watching the Super Bowl and ate lots of food for me…I still have to wait another year pero no big deal… 😦
I HAD AN AMAZING WEEK here in the Philippines.
Brother Samuel and his son are preparing themselves for baptism this month. He is so different now and I will send a picture next week so you can put a face to a name. But he comes home early now so we can teach him and he changes his work schedule just so we have time to teach him so he can be ready for baptism. At church he stays the whole time and now he is teaching SamSam (his 8 yr old anak) to read from the Book of Mormon and sing the hymns. And just last night he texted us and said “natapod ako ha iyo nga duha sister na iyo ginbubuhat  nga tanan para itutdo it pulong han aton Amay ha Langit. bless kami ni samsam na umabot kamo ha amon makatutdo”. Translator: “I trust you sisters and what you do to teach the words of Heavenly Father. Samsam and I are blessed that you came and started to teach us.” The gospel changes lives and people and we are so excited for their baptism.
This morning we climbed “600 stairs” to an abandoned church with Sister Apple and Brother Jay and other ward missionaries. As we walked it, Sister Osma struggled to make it to the top and we just kept telling her “it doesn’t matter how slow you go as long as you don’t stop” which i think might be from an apostle.
My mom and sister also emailed me about a race that they ran this past week and they also struggled to run the whole thing because of lots of uphill sections. In both cases, even though they weren’t first to the top or to cross the finish line, they made it eventually. These two experiences reminded me of an article I read the other week from the Liahona “Finish with Your Torch Still Lit” by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf and here is an excerpt:
“Sometimes after stumbling, failing, or even giving up, we get discouraged and believe our light has gone out and our race is lost. But I testify that the Light of Christ cannot be extinguished. It shines in the darkest night and will relight our hearts if only we incline our hearts to Him.
No matter how often or how far we fall, the Light of Christ ever burns brightly. And even in the deepest night, if we but step toward Him, His light will consume the shadows and reignite our souls.
This race of discipleship is not a sprint; it’s a marathon. And it makes little difference how fast we go. In fact, the only way we can lose the race is by finally giving in or giving up.
As long as we continue to rise up and move toward our Savior, we win the race with our torches burning brightly.
For the torch is not about us or about what we do.
It is about the Savior of the world.
And that is a Light that can never be dimmed. It is a Light that swallows the darkness, heals our wounds, and blazes even in the midst of the deepest sorrow and unfathomable darkness.
It is a Light that surpasses understanding.
May each of us finish the path we have begun. And with the help of our Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ, we will finish joyfully and with our torches still lit.”
I know that it is hard to get back up when we fall so many times or to finish climbing 600 steps or make it to the end of a 10K. For my sister’s case, my mom never left her side and stayed with her the entire way. Sister Osma had Sister Apple encouraging her the entire time as well.
Just like them and how they didn’t have to do it alone, we don’t have to finish this life alone. We ALWAYS have someone to endure with us. Jesus Christ has experienced every race we will run and have run and currently are running; He has experienced not only walking 600 steps but 1 million. He understands what we go through and he wants to cheer us on as well. So if you are going through a hard time right now, or some time in the near future please don’t give up. Just pray.
These are our APs:
I love this calling. I love the Phillipines. I love all of you. and I love Our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.
Sister Prudencio

Week 73: Apples & Miracles

Hello 🙂


I know there are so many of my emails titled with the word “miracles” but it is because so many miracles happen every day so I am sorry if I am not being more creative with my subjects 🙂
Sister Apple and Brother Jhay. We had an impromptu FHE on Monday and it was a lot of fun because even though Jhay is 24 now he acts like a child and so it was a lot of fun to play games with them on Monday. We have been visiting them for almost 3 months now but we had been unable to commit them to baptism and Jhay had never been to church before. So when we went back on Friday, we felt it time to be bold with them since they know now how much we love them now. So we asked them why they think that we always come and visit them every week and we want them to go to church so bad. They explained it was to counsel them and share scriptures with them that will help their lives and so they can get close to Christ.
We shared a scripture about baptism where Jesus Christ invites us to follow Him. We then were able to commit them to a baptismal date in March, after explaining that because we love them we want them to go to the Celestial Kingdom with us so we can play games together there too and they can live together as a family forever. THEN they CAME TO CHURCH yesterday 🙂 We were thrilled to see all three of them there and Jhay was so happy as well to be there. Then just earlier we went “jogging” with Sister Apple at 4:30 AM and later we have an FHE at their house. They are amazing 🙂
Heavenly Father led us to so many people this week ready to receive the gospel. We also used our love for children and their love for Americans to our advantage and a lot of them sat in in some of our lessons(one with Brother Wilson whom Heavenly Father led us to last week) and so after we had them lead us to their home and we taught their FAMILY 🙂 They all seem so interested and excited for us to go back. Brother Wilson came to church with his kids on Sunday!
Sister Demalyn, who we started teaching a month ago, started reading the Book of Mormon and at first she couldn’t really understand when we first started but she got to chapter 8 in first Nephi and explained the entire thing like she had seen a movie! She was so excited about it and said she didn’t want to put it down. She said that praying before she reads really helps.
The Palacio family is still really great 🙂 They are goaling for baptism in a few weeks and Sister shared another story where the Book of Mormon answered her prayers.
Brother Samuel we found a few months ago and I think I already talked about him, how he came the Sunday after has been struggling for the past few weeks but we visited him on Wednesday and he was a little more excited about his baptism but still unsure about the church and going to church we shared about seeking first the kingdom of God. When we went back on Saturday he was waiting for us and had already prepared his things to go to church on Sunday and he is so different now. The Spirit changed his heart and now he is committed to his baptism in February.
On Sunday, 14 INVESTIGATORS came to church which was a MIRACLE. The Lord is really preparing hearts here in San Juanico and I am so blessed to be a part of it.
I love the mission and I love all of you.
Sister Prudencio

Week 72: Nilo Codilan and Crazy Stories

HELLO Baymax,

My anak’s (companions) favorite is Baymax so he has become one of my favorites too, even before pa. 


WE HAD A FANTASTIC WEEK. Brother Nilo Codilan, after meeting the missionaries 6 years ago, has finally entered the gates to eternal life through BAPTISM.

Baptism Day

I have said this before but one of my favorite parts of the mission is hearing the testimonies at baptisms, Brother Nilo’s testimony was no exception. It made me cry and he was so grateful for us and that he was finally able to be baptized. He said he felt so light and different and like all of his problems and past worries have been erased.


His wife also cried as he bore his testimony since she has been a member since she was a kid and now her husband is and they can be sealed for eternity in a year! I love the Codilan family and they are the ones that I send pictures home every week with them and they have a bright green wall.


They always love having us come over and they are like my family now so yeah. That is why I am ecstatic that they Brother got baptized. He has also struggled stopping smoking for his whole life but he has completely stopped now with the Lord’s help and lots of prayers!! 🙂 


Also the Palacio family is the most ready family to receive the gospel that I have met on my whole mission. Sister is already reading in Alma and introducing her family to the Gospel. We taught them twice this week. The first time, we went with the Bishopric to fellowship brother and we taught about the temple and eternal marriage. The brothers in the bishopric shared their experiences with being sealed and the Spirit was so strong. Brother Jose Palacio was still unsure at this point(on Tuesday) and feeling discouraged about his vices. We returned on Friday night and Brother’s countenance had changed. We shared seeking first the kingdom of God and not needing to worry about the other temporal things because Heavenly Father knows what we need. They then shared that they both were out of work and that scripture in 3 Nephi was an answer to their prayers. Brother shared to us that before he didn’t really believe in God or that he could change but now he believes and is excited to repent and change and join the church. Sister said that she knows if they continue to read and pray and church that Heavenly Father will provide for them. On Saturday, Sister got a JOB! And they came to church:) I love them and they have so much faith to make anything happen. 


We had an FHE with Sister Apple and the Repollo family(members). We were really able to bond with Sister Apple this week and she opened up to us about her family and how they haven’t really cared for or supported her and she has felt like nothing most of her life. She came to a baptism with us and was able to see how it works and she came to church again on Sunday 🙂


We met a part member sister named Jocelyn(23 years old) on Saturday and we became friends instantly and she came again to church on Sunday with her less active “boyfriend”. We went and visited her after church and ended up being there for 2 hours listening to her life story. Her story could be made into a crazy movie. I will, of course, not tell everything that she shared but basically she almost died twice and both times she heard something tell her to stay here and continue living because there was still things she needed to do. Eventually she was led to Brother Etong(her “boyfriend”) who took her in and fed her and gave her a place to sleep while she was 5 months pregnant when she arrived at his doorstep. She told us that when she went to church at Catholic she didn’t feel anything and was confused when she left but when she went to church for the first time yesterday she could really feel God’s love and presence and she knows that the “Mormons” is the true church and asked when she could be baptized. Her life has been anything but pleasant but we assured her that everything she has gone through, especially the Holy Ghost whispering to her twice when she was close to losing her life, has brought her to this point and she has finally found the truth and the thing that will give her happiness she has not yet felt and could never imagine. 


I love this calling and this gospel. I love the people that I have met and realizing that the trials that I have gone through in my life up to this point are nothing compared to their trials. I love that happiness and joy can be found and felt always if we remember our purpose and the things that we have been given by a Loving Heavenly Father. I love you all and the role that you have all played in my life. Continue to find joy in everything.



 Sister Prudencio     



Month 16: Puppets in the Philippines

HAPPY 16 MONTH MARK since I have been out on the mission. 🙂

It has gone way too fast and I wish I had another 16 years here but this week has been amazing and Sister Osma and I continue to see miracles and Heavenly Father guiding us wherever we go.
The other day Sister Osma held up her hands like a puppet master and said “I feel like this is how Heavenly Father is with us and He is just leading us to exactly where he needs us. So many times this week our investigators said “timing ine Sisters” or this is perfect timing basically because that was the only time of the day they were hope that whole week or they had just finished completing a project. We have so miracles in simply just being where Heavenly Father lead us to so that we weren’t punted and we were able to find new investigators who are ready to hear and accept the message of the Restoration. I love the Holy Ghost and it’s role as our guide in life, we just need to be sensitive to listen to the promptings and then have the faith to follow those promptings.
The Palacio family is reading every single day and Sister is already in Enos! They are now preparing to be baptized on February 11! 🙂 they came to church again yesterday.
Brother Codilan is getting baptized this Saturday!!! 🙂 we are so excited for him and so is he so that he can join his family and take them to the temple!
I love this mission and these people. I also love all of you and pray for you all constantly.
Sister Prudenciojan16-trees